Forever dawn <3

Gawd ! Reading Breaking dawn , I was totally out of my minds for like 2 days ! And the film , whoa ! Came with a bigger thump ! 😉

Ofcourse , it didn’t focus many of the nuances of the book , yet kuddos to the cast and crew for the fantastic work ! 🙂

The wedding scene was like Wow , for I saw it like 10 times ! Bella’s wedding outfit was totally gorgeous and for once she looked stunning 🙂

Not to forget , the dashing looks of Lautner … 😀  And the transition of Edward from a guy to a “family” man was phenomenal (notice that well in the shirts he wears , expressions , etc etc) ..

One of thing that made me crazzzzy was the choice of names by Meyer for Bella’s child ! Eja was Wow 😉 And reneesme  is “beautiful” ! 🙂

And Rose for once was portrayed well 😛 Alice was cute in her usual ways !








Adieu 😉

Te amo 🙂

Cranky me ^_^