My valentine ;)

Okay , I’v decided my valentine , almost a month before 14th feb , coz I’m sure , I gotto befriend this “X” for atleast the next three months ! Wait ! Don’t come to conclusions ! My exams are a in a few months’ time and I thought of titling my books as my valentine (Short time bf 😉 ) .. My subjects are physics , chemistry , math , computer science , english and language .. The latter three are awesome 🙂 And the first three , not that they are bad , but it’s that I gotto learn them , YES “*learn*” them , which like eats my head .. 😦


Just wanted to come and post this and go back to working on my Calculus .. 😉


Stay joyous friends , c ya soon 🙂


Te amo 🙂


Cranky me ^.^


The convo continues ^_^


Words within the ** are my thots .. 🙂


H: Hitler

E: Einstein

A: Antony

ME: The crank !


Arrive Einstein And Antony with Hitler in the lead


*So He is the leader always !*


ME: Welcome all ! Maybe I should start with Scotty Mccreery’s Luv you this Big 🙂 I luv you all so much !

H : So thats why we’re here! So how much do you luv us ?

ME : Umm , how do I answer that one ? My hands don’t have elastic , I can’t stretch them too much .. :-/

A : Oops , yeah , your mortal ! So maybe your the second one to tell me that you really love me .. Glad !

ME: *Second ? Oh yea , Cleopatra won the race first 😦 Grrr ..* I’m honored to luv a one of a kind like you .. Man , you totally rock 🙂

E: Wait , but when most of the world think I was born crazy and I died crazier , how come u think I was sane ?

ME : *Coz I’m insane myself !* Ummm , I really like the philosophy part of you .. And I’m crazy ’bout ur frizzy hair !

A : So you bring out sarcasm too?

ME: Wait , I’d luv too .. But I swear , It’s not .. I really like AE’s hair !

H : So do you think what I did all life was right?

ME : *Is this the time for judgement ? And He’s already dead rite ?* Right and wrong are relative terms , so i think it’s right from your point of view and wrong from the perception of some others ..

E : Wow ! This sounds like the theory of relativity ! Relative terms, may be I should have researched on this too !

ME : U sure should have .. 😉 Btw , I wanted to know how all of you are treated right now like after *death* ur living in the earth has ended ..

H : U’r trying to use nice words are you ? Wait , your an Aaryan right ?

ME : *You cant kill me now , yay* I’m not sure , sir , will get myself checked for that ..

A : I’m treated well , and I did meet caesar once , he was happy for my acts .. He  was yet a little disappointed with Brutus , his angel , u know ..

ME : Yeah , Shakespeare told me , I luv his version of the story ..

H : Tell me one person you don’t like ! Each of ur sentence ends with “I luv this n that” !

ME : Nice to see a Jovial Hitler sir! 🙂 Btw , a question out of curiosity , what was with Calpurnia after caesar’s death ? There’s no description ’bout her all thru wiki and google 😕

E : I did’nt do any thesis ’bout her , did I ?

A : Mr Albert Einstein , dat was posed to me 😉

E : oops , please elucidate !

A : Actually , she was all thru sorrow , as she already had the dreams of evil happenings and all I know is that she helped to raise Julia 🙂

ME : Oh, thoughtful of her 🙂

H : So young lady , do you anything else or could we take leave ?

ME : I read something ’bout your first luv 🙂 Could I know more ?

H : Ummm , I’l do that , I’l pass it to you by , ummm

ME : *Mail ?* by telepathy ! 🙂

H : That was cool , I’l do that 😉

ME : “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”

E : Wow , I’m glad you remember this 😉

ME : I’m damn crazzy ’bout ur quotes Mr AE 🙂 The’re Breath taking , awesome , mind blowing and wait , I’m short of words !

E : 😀 You flatter me too much don’t you !

ME : It’s nice right , flattering !

I’d like to tell you all something ,

I luv Hitler more as a man of will , than as a dictator

I luv Antony more as a friend , than as an orator,

I luv Einstein more for his philosophy , than as a science collimator 🙂

Be through me always and lead me 🙂

Have a happy “After life” 😉

All : Glad to have spent time with you dear , take care , c ya ! 😛


*Wow , so the whole thing is over , without any bloodshed , formula or war.. Luv u too much God ❤ * 😉


Te amo 🙂


Cranky me ^_^

Convo with GOD ;) (Too Cranky)


A few events took my mind off to my Historic Darlings ! The major reasons being ,


  • I had to write an essay on Caesar for my English paper  and the whole of my essay was blah blah ‘bout Antony 😛 Thank God I was so much in senses to not scribble “Love you Antony” Through out the paper ! 😉
  • I saw a documentary movie ‘bout Hitler , on the television the day before and I was totally moved , I had a few new things to learn ‘bout him and I was dreaming of him the whole night ! J
  • My physics paper had the question to derive mc² which naturally took my thoughts to the “Frizzy haired guy “ !


So  conclusion I had gone craazzzy again .. Just got this idea of a fiction involving these three people , Ummm I mean their souls 😉


ME : Gawdd ! I’m totally into these people , tough to decide whom to choose ! How good would it be if IF I COULD MEET THEM 😉

GOD : Amen ! So let it happen !

ME : How is that THY never listen to my serious prayers and make them stupid wishes to take shape dear LORD ?

GOD : ‘Coz ur cranky , I thot I could be a ‘lil more cranky with you 😉

ME : Now should I laugh or frown ? Ummm , anyways , Lemme say I love you more then all of ‘em !

GOD : Me too ! Now , it’s getting late ! Can we proceed YOUR talk ?

ME : Are you serious ? (I was thinking *God Get a life* 😛 )

GOD : Do I need a life? 😉

ME : Oops , U can mind read like Edward na ? Sorry 😉

GOD : Ahem , so You compare A vampire and God ?! WOW 😛

ME : Couldn’t come up with a better reply ! Forgive !

GOD : No probs ! Gotto go sweets , enjoy with them 😉

*Enjoyy? Like what??*


#To be cont.. 🙂 #


Te amo 🙂


Cranky me ^_^

Things I hate :-x

Got this thought suddenly ,opened my dashboard , and tadaaaaaa! Here I’m to pen down oops , sorry to type a few things that get on my nerve !
  • People ditching me ! Be it the smallest thing, just tell me the truth and get over , why lie and then ditch me pathetically ? Get a life people 😕

  • People “acting” sweet to me … Be yourself , that’s more realistic and fun ! I can discover the real “U” and that’e the essence of friendship , right? So why act ? 
But when two of my friends , whom I really like , changed a few of their lifestyles for me, it felt like heaven ! Even I changed some of my habits for a friend … 🙂 
  • My closest buddies asking me “Could u help me” .. Duh , chuck the formalities 😦 After all what are friends for? So next time it should be ” Hey, I want u to do this” 🙂

  • Not getting replies for texts on time .. Grrr , It’s soo sooo irritating .. 

  • to reply for a text message with a “K” (for okay) and “S” (for yes) .. It may seem silly , but if U’v been chatting for long and with a close friend and suddenly get this as a reply , it’s like , “Wait, till I get u in my hands , Im gonna kill ya ” .. 😉 

  • People sitting next to me and signaling someone something which I shouldn’t know .. Like , If you want to tell someone a secret, tell me on my face or politely that I should move and then tell the person what ever crap ..  Don’t keep me next to you and then do it .. One punch on ur face 😛 

  • Hitting me on my head , wait I hate that to the core and the reason : Unknown .. :-/ Really frustrating ..

  • Forcing me to eat stuff’s I hate , special mention to “Radish” 😦 Ewwwwwww… 
Will put on more when I remember them .. As of now , this much .. What do u guys hate the most ??  Do comment 😀
Te amo 🙂
Cranky me ^_^

Relations …

A common topic , yet a complex one ! The deeper U get into to analyse it , the harder u fail ! When U think U have no one around , U have a dozen to keep u going , yet when U’r high , U may have none to revere !

 We mistakenly assume that if our partners love us they will react and behave in certain ways – the ways we react and behave when we love someone. 

John Gray

Leave out our partners , sometimes expectations go in vain even with our friends , parents and every good relation … EXPECTATIONS ruin quite a lot , as we predict what we want and want it to happen too … 

And now for a few quotes which were realllyyyy good ! Sorry for no beginning and end of the post 😉 , I just wanted to share some pain and Im short of words for it ! (Having a misunderstanding with one of my friends 😦 )

“Love is saying ‘I feel differently’, instead of ‘you’re wrong’.”
– Anonymous

“Most couples have not had hundreds of arguments; they’ve had the same argument hundreds of times.”
– Gay Hendricks

“Forgiveness is the oil of relationships.”
– Josh McDowell

“Know thyself.”
– Socrates

The last one impacted me a lot , inspite of being the shortest ! Of course, small things are often neglected and we then reap its effects 😉 

So start loving everything and make yourself happy what so ever comes your way ! 

Cheers 🙂


           Te amo 😀

Cranky me ^_^

Prank prank !

“Pray for me broda” … (my fone’s ringtone 😛 ) it rang and I jumped to see an unknown landline number ! I picked it up and waited for the voice from the other side … So this is the conversation I had that day … Let the unknown caller be “X” 😉 Maths has impacted me some way or the other !:D

M: Hello !

X: Hey Mythreyi ! Howa u doing ?

M: ??? Um , Im good , but who’s it ?

X: Forgot me ?

M: Do I knw u ?

X: Ofcourse u do , now think , coz I knw ur intelligent ! (Dat was sarcastic 😉 😛 )

M: Ummmm , puhhhlease ! gimme some clues , Il try to pull it up !

X: Ok , U studied @ KV , and u write poems , and u have a blog and U love Krishna !

M: ????? 😮 I am Awestruck ! Who is that who knows all this ?! R u like pranking me as in ur my friend’s friend ?!

X: Do u think Im jobless , I have better things to do dear !

M: Hey hey wait ! Il guess !

X: Then , go ahead !

*Thinks hard , makes a wild guess*

M: Does ur name start with S ?

X: Hmmm , it does …

M: Is it Sai meera ?

X: First three letters are right , guess the rest ..

M: Is it ..  ?? SK ????

X: Yup ! Finally !

M: Hows u di? Whats up ?

X: Going on , nothing much ..

M: Having my physics xam tom !

X: So no plans of coming home ? Been long !

*This struck me hard ! I guessed the person to be SK , one of my seniors ! But Iv never been to her place and why , We hardly see each other.. I then realized my stupidity for it was another SK , a sweet heart who is now working* 😛

M: SK sissy ?

X: Yea  why ?

M: Im sry , I mistook U for a senior and that why I was speaking of studies and blah blah !

X: Lol , that’s fine ! Infact I was just wondering why U gave me such a good respect when u initially found the name 😉

M: I’m soooo sorry ! And damn sweeet of u to make a call !

X: Long time right , That’s why ! 🙂

And the call went on , I spoke with her for quite some time and It was fun ! Yet I’v never been struck up in a prank cal for such a long time ! Yet I enjoyed it and had loadsaa fun ! Wanted to put it down as words as I can recall it anytime in future !

Te amo 🙂

Cranky me ^_^