Kids today !

After a hectic day , Im back to blogging 😉 Nothing great to share , but I was really astonished to see the way kids behave today !

I was roaming about in the corridors of my school when I spotted two kids (I guess LKG) who were walking with a very melancholic look .. As far as I recall my KG days , it was all fun and soo cute ! I was shocked by their expression and keep staring at them .. 😮

I then heard one of them ( The cuter one 😉 ) say to the other the same words “Feel pannadha da , paravaala ” ! 😛 Gawd knows for what they “Feel” Bad at that age 😉


I was crying with laughter !

One more such incidents was at my school gate , when one girl refused to leave her parents and get into the school … ( Everyone cries to get into jails 😛 ) And then , a senior guy ( “UKG” 😀 ) comes and tells her , “Onnum agadhu , va pogalam” !!


Wah 😀 😛

And I’m addicted to the two love failure songs for gawd knows what ! 😛

Te amo 🙂

Cranky me ^_^