As daylight began to vanish,

And the sun was made to banish,

Amidst the chirping of the birds,

I began to pen down words.


She was beautiful in her flaws,

And often playfully broke laws,

She appreciated beauty,

but was no way Ms Pretty.


She took time making decisions,

Framed stupid life missions,

But once a thought made in mind,

She had no looking behind.


Making friends was a cake walk,

Because she would talk and talk,

Surrounded she was with blessed people,

An idiot she was to not keep things simple.


Her mood was always in a swirl,

now low , and later high as a shiny pearl,

She was boring and she was fun,

But she never fake-loved anyone.


She was almost always careless,

And did things in a mess,

Predicting her actions would be a task,

She only loathed people with a hoax mask.


She was a pretty little liar,

to rule the world was her desire

At times , tough she was to handle,

to put up with her was a sure hurdle.


She could get really lazy,

and in the kitchen , she was clumsy,

Yes , she was a jack of many trades,

But prominent she was in none of the shades.


Her thoughts would often self-torture,

mini heart attacks they could nurture,

Yet she never stopped her imagination,

of either demotion or elevation.


Turning to face her reflection,

She boomed with satisfaction,

Her face , the mirror could see,

She was smiling , she was me.




I know ..

I know ,

You care for me,

as much as I do,

and you do worry,

for my life too ..


Just that I show it ,

and you don’t,

does it make the bond unfit ?

I believe it wont 🙂


We’ll be high always,

as we are today,

for life says,

We will pave a way 🙂


The greatest strength ,

is that it is WE,

So will it be for any length,

not you and me 🙂


Te amo 🙂


CrAnKy Me ^_^



The Day ^_^


:-* Finally came d day I was dying for,

though I din kno f t were to b sweet or sore..


Joy filled n me like a ship being receivd at a harbour,

and in excitement I cuddled my pup’s gliterry fur..


Though my looks were usualy my last priority,

that day I wanted to look the best in the city,

in my usual place, I saw a different me,

I was there to rock the world, wild n free…


That day the world seemed all unique,

a paradise of people all gentle n meek,

By then my adrenalin set to its peak,

and I went on, the future to seek..


Seeing her, my mind was overflowing wid estacy,

and there I was in my dreamworld of fantasy..

I turned to see her n her eyes met mine,

and to catch the best of her, i turned to an angle of sine…


The bst moment was wen she raised her eyebrow,

my heart missd a beat, and the moment began to grow…

Dat minute Even My heart beat was a melody,

with the wrld arnd me a total rhapsody..


The whole of the nxt day went jus recalng ths love,

the extreme of the seeds of joy to sow.. 🙂


Te amo 🙂


Cranky me ^_^

Friend :-)


Dear ,


Is my luv like the far tides of the beach,

dat in spite of efforts does nt to d shore reach..

Is my luv like d sun rising in d west

that, even a emporer cannot conquest..

Is my luv lyk d fish in d lake

that mite or mite nt live as dawn wakes..

Is my luv lyk d chick in an egg,

dat jus to liv n d world has to beg..

Is my luv lyk d unfulfiled xpctatns f tomrw

that may end up n tears, sniffles n deep sorrw..

Yet I promise to luv u lyk a mother,

n think f r lyf together..

I promise to give u care wen in need,

n to watevr u say giv proper heed..

I promise to rejoice wen ur gay

and miss u tons when ur away..

I promise to be wid u when ur sad,

and tolerate all ur blastings wen ur mad..

I promise to swing to ur tune when u sing,

and evry occasion, sealed with a kiss, gift u a ring..

I promise that nt a drop of tear would flow frm ur eyes,

and do tell me anything else, if this wouldn suffice..

In short, what so ever u may do, I luv u..

And to please u, I’d stand in the world’s longest queue..


Te amo 🙂


Cranky me ^_^