Blog birrrday – 11.11.11

Dear diary,

With two physics exams today, my day began at 01 am in the morning… However the study session ended after a long session by 01:15 😛 . My dream focused on me with one of my closest friends and both of us talking for hours of lunacy ! Yet it is one dream to cherish for a life time ! And not to forget the one hour @ school I spent mugging up a 10mark question and finally the way it ditched me 😕

One more awesome blossom thing was the way me and one of my classmates teased my physics ma’am by her way of answering all the questions with the wrong option ! And the way she worked out the problems was phenomenal !

By evening, all that went thru my mind was that I had no exam the next day ! And yea, today’s the birrrday of the blog too !

So that’s it for the day dude !


Sugary dreams 😉

– Cranky me ! 🙂