Some days are sheer philosophical. You think of all the crap that has ever happened to you and you never know why, but you don’t really feel like eating, thought you might fill your stomach with food without even knowing what is going inside. One such day hit me and I was occupied with two important tasks. Thinking and penning down thoughts. I was brimming with the former and so, here I begin the latter.

Life is strange. One day someone is a stranger. in the next few he could become an acquaintance and before you even know it, he is a friend. Stupid chats and talks go on and probably a few times when you felt low, you share things with him and tadaaa he is a close friend. And then, fate plays its own amazing game to call a few of them your best friends. And though you may be very cautious in having a few secrets to yourself, you end up blurting things to them (I’m an expert in this). And so the days are all happy happy – you have someone to trust and share details with. You stop thinking what to speak with them and words just instantaneously flow when you talk with them. That is such an amazing feel when you don’t have to think a thousand times what to text someone or keep editing something just so that it doesn’t sound awkward.

And.. so one happy day, you get to know that something was not really true in the friendship. Trust is one of the most important ingredients of a friendship. After something like this happens, you don’t know if you should stop trusting the person, or if you should just forgive them and get past it. But can’t you at the least expect them to properly explain them and all that went wrong? Why is that some people (like me) prefer forgiving over forgetting. Why is that people who were once your strength turn out to be your deadly weakness? Now should I be strong or weak, for, you are no more my strength.

Now that a little of the penning is over, I guess I could peacefully go back to the thinking process and keep doing the two priority tasks in loop, until the Goddess of sleep blesses me with her little magic.