It was a dark tunnel. I was searching my way out. My eyes were the evidence of the fear in me. I heard a sound. Someone calling my name out. More fear. I could sense someone hitting me. Gently at first, and then fiercely. The voice, now seemed to sound more clear. WAKE UPPPPP !`

It was my mom trying to wake me up from my thriller dream. And so, there began a brand new day. As usual, I ran to get ready. In just a few minutes, I was all dressed up, stuffed something into my mouth, and called my dad to drop me at the railway station. “Daddy, I’m going to get late again, Drive faster”

“You couldn’t get up early. Don’t do the talking then.” he would say and shut my mouth.

When I reached the stairs of the station, I helplessly saw my train leave the platform. I could feel the Gods laughing at my missing the train again, like always. I will be early tomorrow, I chanted to myself.

A poor lady was begging for money. Though both of us didn’t know each other personally, we would both have eye contact for a minute everyday. And, I always felt, it was her curse that I wasn’t catching my train everyday. Damn. I was never encouraged to give money to the beggars, for the very fact that they could make a bad use of the money. My family encouraged giving beggars food or buying them a drink. But seriously who would do that in the midst of a busy morning, catching a train and attending classes.

While all that happened was a routine happening, something different happened today. I was walking the stairs, and I had a minute of eye contact with the lady again.

“Amma, I haven’t had food. Pleaseeee” she cried.

While, I was ignoring her voice, I watched a middle aged man walk to her. He half-sat beside her, opened his lunch box and gently placed all the contents from his box to her plate.

“Eat, it’ll taste good” he said.

That one act, touched my heart. I felt like that guy had slapped me on the face. The million dollar smile on the lady’s face was overpowered by her happy tears. She blessed him whole-heartedly.

I kept staring at her. She took a piece of chapathi from her plate and placing it in her mouth, caught me staring. I gave her a guilty-smile. While I was caught in the moment, I saw another train racing towards the platform. And so, the moment faded and I ran my marathon to catch this train, and at the least attend the second hour, as I was already late for my first hour class.