Relations …

A common topic , yet a complex one ! The deeper U get into to analyse it , the harder u fail ! When U think U have no one around , U have a dozen to keep u going , yet when U’r high , U may have none to revere !

 We mistakenly assume that if our partners love us they will react and behave in certain ways – the ways we react and behave when we love someone. 

John Gray

Leave out our partners , sometimes expectations go in vain even with our friends , parents and every good relation … EXPECTATIONS ruin quite a lot , as we predict what we want and want it to happen too … 

And now for a few quotes which were realllyyyy good ! Sorry for no beginning and end of the post 😉 , I just wanted to share some pain and Im short of words for it ! (Having a misunderstanding with one of my friends 😦 )

“Love is saying ‘I feel differently’, instead of ‘you’re wrong’.”
– Anonymous

“Most couples have not had hundreds of arguments; they’ve had the same argument hundreds of times.”
– Gay Hendricks

“Forgiveness is the oil of relationships.”
– Josh McDowell

“Know thyself.”
– Socrates

The last one impacted me a lot , inspite of being the shortest ! Of course, small things are often neglected and we then reap its effects 😉 

So start loving everything and make yourself happy what so ever comes your way ! 

Cheers 🙂


           Te amo 😀

Cranky me ^_^

Prank prank !

“Pray for me broda” … (my fone’s ringtone 😛 ) it rang and I jumped to see an unknown landline number ! I picked it up and waited for the voice from the other side … So this is the conversation I had that day … Let the unknown caller be “X” 😉 Maths has impacted me some way or the other !:D

M: Hello !

X: Hey Mythreyi ! Howa u doing ?

M: ??? Um , Im good , but who’s it ?

X: Forgot me ?

M: Do I knw u ?

X: Ofcourse u do , now think , coz I knw ur intelligent ! (Dat was sarcastic 😉 😛 )

M: Ummmm , puhhhlease ! gimme some clues , Il try to pull it up !

X: Ok , U studied @ KV , and u write poems , and u have a blog and U love Krishna !

M: ????? 😮 I am Awestruck ! Who is that who knows all this ?! R u like pranking me as in ur my friend’s friend ?!

X: Do u think Im jobless , I have better things to do dear !

M: Hey hey wait ! Il guess !

X: Then , go ahead !

*Thinks hard , makes a wild guess*

M: Does ur name start with S ?

X: Hmmm , it does …

M: Is it Sai meera ?

X: First three letters are right , guess the rest ..

M: Is it ..  ?? SK ????

X: Yup ! Finally !

M: Hows u di? Whats up ?

X: Going on , nothing much ..

M: Having my physics xam tom !

X: So no plans of coming home ? Been long !

*This struck me hard ! I guessed the person to be SK , one of my seniors ! But Iv never been to her place and why , We hardly see each other.. I then realized my stupidity for it was another SK , a sweet heart who is now working* 😛

M: SK sissy ?

X: Yea  why ?

M: Im sry , I mistook U for a senior and that why I was speaking of studies and blah blah !

X: Lol , that’s fine ! Infact I was just wondering why U gave me such a good respect when u initially found the name 😉

M: I’m soooo sorry ! And damn sweeet of u to make a call !

X: Long time right , That’s why ! 🙂

And the call went on , I spoke with her for quite some time and It was fun ! Yet I’v never been struck up in a prank cal for such a long time ! Yet I enjoyed it and had loadsaa fun ! Wanted to put it down as words as I can recall it anytime in future !

Te amo 🙂

Cranky me ^_^

Chat from 3 to 430 (Mrng)

My first attempt ! 😉
3:09 AM
Anand: hi
Anan: Dawg !
3:10 AM
AN: sollu dog
Anan : me got up @ 230 😦
AN: for wat ?
  for learning sanskrit ?
Anan: english
3:11 AM
AN: thu
Anan: nay , chatting widd u !
 An: aiiyo so sweet
3:12 AM
Anan: alarm vechu ezhunden .. lol … ! (Got up with an alarm)
 AN: really
 Anan: then wot ?
3:13 AM
Anan: chk ur mail ..
 AN: yup ll do it
3:15 AM awesome di
 Anan: enna ?
 AN: photos
 Anan: 🙂 🙂 I luk cute na ?! 😛
3:16 AM
AN: don blush
 Anan: ha ha
3:19 AM
idiot , busy ?
3:21 AM
AN: no no tell me
  no di gonna wait for two days
3:22 AM
3:23 AM
AN : sry .. slept on the chair
3:26 AM
3:28 AM
Anan: ur a pucca ……..
5 minutes
3:34 AM
Anan: 😦
3:38 AM

6 minutes
3:44 AM
Anan: ///////////////////
3:45 AM
Anan: opjjyvhnsaoplkjuytrmngvb

19 minutes
4:04 AM me: .

11 minutes
4:15 AM Anan: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
4:20 AM ……?
4:23 AM fine … c u
  tc … bye
 AN: hey sorry
  got a sudden work
4:24 AM
AN: scold me how much ever u want
  i am worth scolding
  sorry sorrysorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
 Anan: 😦
  no probs
 AN: 😦
4:25 AM
 hey sorry di
  am so irritating
  i no
 Anan: im d one sisturbng u wen u in office … i have to be sry
 AN: hey really sorry
  i should have atleast told u
  there was a late trade di
4:26 AM
 Anan: np np
  i knew ud gt a work oly ..
 AN: manichukkonga pls (Means please forgive)
 Anan: actually i shdn b distrbng u wen u in ofc
4:27 AM
anywayz tc 🙂
 AN: hey sorry
 Anan: Oh c’mon
4:28 AM
AN: i felt so bad ……….basically i put myself in ur position
 Anan: ha ha .. chill
  u oly did ur duty – naan dhan romba vela vetti illama irukken
4:29 AM 😉
  😛 anyways tc , byeeeeeee 😕
4:37 AM
AN: byeeeeeeee 🙂
Allz well that ends well !
-Cranky me ^_^