Qtrove haul.

Time has proved a lot of stereotypes wrong :

1. Can you shop online?
2. People delivering products home – will it be safe?
3. What if you don’t like the products?

But one thing time can’t erase – the beauty of handmade products. Handmade products have their own value and charm. Don’t we all have a neighbour/friend who is exceptionally good at making handmade stuff, that is cute, and wants to sell it, but is not able to find a proper way to do so. Qtrove is a one-stop destination for all these handmade sellers. This in turn means you have a wide choice between organic and natural products, that are chemical free. (food for the skin and food for the body! :P)

They have a wide range of products from food, beauty products, home decor, accessories and a lot more. I recently had a shopping haul at Qtrove and I wanted to pen my experience.


All my products 🙂

I bought 4 products :

1. Rose Potpourri ( Iris) – smells like heaven. Can be used for an amazing fragrance in the house, or it makes a great gift when meeting a friend at their place. (4.5/5) You can get this product here.


The rose potpourri

2. Toner (Organic Mill) – I love this 100% natural toner – that claims to even out the skin. (4/5) You can get this product here.


Face toner.

3. Ardhana peppermint lip balm – This is a chemical free lip balm, that is extremely moisturizing. Only drawback being it has a glass container which is not very travel friendly. (4.5/5) You can get this product here.


Lip balm.

4. Eucalyptus essential oil (Aroma World) – Well, we all know the benefits of this one. From being a key product of aroma therapy to reliving body pain, this is a miracle oil. (4/5) You can get this product here.


Eucalyptus essential oil.

They have an amazing customer care to assist you with anything you require. They also have a sale going on for three days including today ( 24th nov 2016 to 26th nov 2016), wherein each day has a specific offer going. Race now, to get some amazing products in the sale! 🙂 Check out the site here. Also use the coupon code “RACHELT20” by December to avail a 20% off on your cart above Rs 400 😀

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Till the next one
The Crank ^_^

Chemicals on your skin?

Fourteen years of schooling and four years of engineering have still not helped me to figure out what I wanna do with my life. So yes, the abstract happy news being I’m done with my studies, which also meant I had literally nothing to do. Comprehending my joblessness, I began searching and researching a lot on the internet (including facebook and instagram refreshes every 5 min). One of the two really productive things that this vacation saw me doing was to make a lot of DIY’s. I made a notebook, a planner, a few bookmarks, a jewelry kit and a few cute multi-purpose boxes ( all with a coffee by my side). I also tried my hand in a bit of doodling and sketching ( Umm, not great).

Of all the internet browsing, I also started discovering the ingredients in some of the cosmetic products I owned and in some more that I was planning to buy. Now, I liked to keep my beauty routine simple ( face wash – sunscreen – and.. end of list), and I made sure I used brands which ‘sounded herbal’. Now, the internet had proved me completely wrong. There were parabens, alcohols, carcenogens and a lot more chemicals, which by now would have embedded on my skin. That’s when I swore to use safer products and began researching on brands which were less familiar to the general world yet produced products from ingredients our ancestors used. These may seem slow to work, but your skin would definitely love it.

One of the safe brands in India, is Aroma Essentials which offers natural skin and hair care solutions of which I’ve began using a few products today. You guys can check this brand at AromaEss (facebook page) or AromaEssInsta (Insta page) and check out their amazing list of products. I’ll blog the review of the products in the next post, after using them for a few weeks. Till then,

The Crank.

The Internship (My Version)

I got out of the AC coach with my trolley baggage. I saw people rushing out the train, some waiting for their beloved to receive them, the vendors yelling out the names of the edibles that they were selling, small babies crying and porters struggling their way through the crowd. Amongst all the chaos, a yellow board stood with “BENGALURU” written in bold letters. The pleasant weather gave me the assurance that I could survive here, in peace and beat the Chennai-heat. Yay, I had finally arrived at the Bengaluru Railway station, from Chennai for my two month internship. Engineering is considered one of the most prestigious courses to be taken up by students in India. To flaunt your degree without an internship experience makes it incomplete, for, the very exposure into the professional world when you are still a student is amazing. Getting an on-campus internship offer was ‘a dream come true’ for me, and it took me a few days to sink into the feel that I had got an internship in an extremely reputed organisation. I immediately caught a cab and told to driver the name of the five-star hotel where the interns were given accommodation for a week. Well, being away from parents, was fun, and spending it in a five-star? I was at the horizon of my excitement. The stay helped me self-realize that I could be independent and that I was not a pampered spoilt-brat, for I knew how to handle money-matters. The orientation program on the first day, introduced me to a lot of amazing people whom I held as role-models for the rest of my time there. The organisation had people from different walks of life, and a lot of interesting talks with employees and other interns, happened over the coffee. Being a student is a synonym for being care-free. The two month internship period, helped me gain skills for the brain and confidence for the heart. I had a half an hour cab travel everyday which helped me note interesting places to visit over the weekend with my friends and cousins. My weekdays began at around 8, when I would finally decide to leave my bed. Within an hour, I would be all dressed up and ready for the cab, which would pick me up at 9:30 am. The cab drivers were friendly and took us on time in spite of the traffic hub that Banglore was. Work began by 10:30 when I would arrive at my desk all perked up for a great day ahead with coffee in my favorite mug. The work environment was very pleasant, making it a fun place to accept challenges and work efficiently towards them. My mentor was extremely patient in explaining the project details to me and didn’t mind me asking him the silliest of questions. He would let go of the small mistakes that I would commit, for he wanted me to concentrate on the ‘Big Picture’ rather than the mistakes that were part of the learning experience. The satisfaction when I completed a task successfully was ineffable. I was also introduced to professional communication skills and leadership skills. Being a part of a team that worked very closely I learnt to be a efficient team-player. One of the best moments at the end of the first month was to get the message that my ‘salary’ was credited in my account. I spent that weekend in pride, purchasing a saree for my mom, a shirt for my dad and sneakers for my sister. The next month was as great as the first and I was now getting better at it. The weekly status updates, conference calls and video calls gave me the real insight into how well I was performing. I also had one-to-one catch up’s with my mentor where he would give me suggestions on the project work and feedback on my performance. This helped me become better with every passing week and it eventually helped me ace the final project presentation which I had to deliver. Team catch up’s over lunch or team dinner sessions were very effective in bridging the gap between the employees and the interns. In the 8 weeks, almost never did I feel inferior, in front of employees with many years of experience. The firm encouraged all of us to be ‘ourselves’ throughout. The work culture was very diverse, making it possible for us to interact with people from all walks of life. We also had a day allotted for community service which gave us the satisfaction of being a part of the community which helped the others who yearned for it. We were a team of around 30 and we went to a school where we could interact with the kids and help them plant vegetables. The kids showed over-whelming enthusiasm and proved it once again to us, that it was our love and time that they asked for. We spent the day singing and dancing with the students and had lunch with them at their school garden.  The team bid adieu to the interns with a mouth-watering black forest cake and inspiring words. My last weekend there was spent roaming around the different places, doing street shopping, which the girl in me loved.  I bid goodbye to Bengaluru sitting in my seat 10,000 km above the ground level, looking at the Bird’s eye of the city, a part of it covered by the flight’s wing. After all this, getting an offer in the firm was a double treat for me. Concluding in one line, my internship has made me a “Jack of all trades”, which is what today’s competent world expects from the youth.

The Crank


Some days are sheer philosophical. You think of all the crap that has ever happened to you and you never know why, but you don’t really feel like eating, thought you might fill your stomach with food without even knowing what is going inside. One such day hit me and I was occupied with two important tasks. Thinking and penning down thoughts. I was brimming with the former and so, here I begin the latter.

Life is strange. One day someone is a stranger. in the next few he could become an acquaintance and before you even know it, he is a friend. Stupid chats and talks go on and probably a few times when you felt low, you share things with him and tadaaa he is a close friend. And then, fate plays its own amazing game to call a few of them your best friends. And though you may be very cautious in having a few secrets to yourself, you end up blurting things to them (I’m an expert in this). And so the days are all happy happy – you have someone to trust and share details with. You stop thinking what to speak with them and words just instantaneously flow when you talk with them. That is such an amazing feel when you don’t have to think a thousand times what to text someone or keep editing something just so that it doesn’t sound awkward.

And.. so one happy day, you get to know that something was not really true in the friendship. Trust is one of the most important ingredients of a friendship. After something like this happens, you don’t know if you should stop trusting the person, or if you should just forgive them and get past it. But can’t you at the least expect them to properly explain them and all that went wrong? Why is that some people (like me) prefer forgiving over forgetting. Why is that people who were once your strength turn out to be your deadly weakness? Now should I be strong or weak, for, you are no more my strength.

Now that a little of the penning is over, I guess I could peacefully go back to the thinking process and keep doing the two priority tasks in loop, until the Goddess of sleep blesses me with her little magic.



The Think Session

With my assessments in a day , I tried to minimize all my distractions and concentrate all the time I had into studying . I closed my door , and settling on a chair that wouldn’t let me sleep in comfort , I opened the index of my textbook titled “Software Engineering” . Giving myself a motivational pat , I skimmed through the contents of the first chapter and got ready to mug it all up ! I took a sip of the coke that was kept just for the purpose , that I don’t sleep and felt ecstatic !
Opening the first page of the book stating “What is software ?” , my brain , being amazingly awesome as well as awfully crappy, started thinking of other “What is ” topics! It crossed topics on fun , school , college , friends , celebs , and I finally made a halt on what I am and what I am not .


I began processing on comments people generally had about me ! Any person would have mixed comments and if he didn’t it just meant he hadn’t met the real world yet . I opened the screenshot gallery of my mobile and noticed that a few brought smiles on to my all-messed-up face and some others made me think if it really meant so . I ended up realising that be it flattery or a not so great comment , I was something more than just what people thought ! I understood that at the end of the day people(hi-bye friends) approach you just to get their job done ! Why sit and do an entire work when you have people out there who are so jobless that they get flattered easily and end up thinking awesome about you , two days after which you can approach them with ease for any favor . Well that’s the world today ! *Oops, wasn’t I learning something ? O.o ”



Taking another gulp from the coke can I realised I wasn’t in the mood to study anything. Closing my book , I started penning down a poem about “Today’s world” which went like this .

Once there were only a few evil,

whom it was easy for the Gods to kill,

But today , the good percent is turning nil,

inside every angelic face resides a devil !


The world has come to a stand ,

where inner beauty is no demand,

all one needs is prettiness in hand,

with values burried deep in sand.


Today a favor…

My mom walked in with french fries in a plate , knowing that it was the love of my life and expecting me to relax a little after studying hard for an hour ! Anyways , with fries there’s no more anything else ! So well , I’l be back with the rest of it !


Adios !




A birrrthday Gift

This season is too awesome 😀 I’ve never experienced myself so lazy , so complacent with a To-do-nothing schedule in so many years .. 😦  I’m sleeping so much , the sleep that I used to hate in my 12 grade , just a few days back , which I remember as good as ever , and I’ll continue to , for they have given me so much JOY , small not-so-funny jokes , silly pranks and stupid laughs 😛 I’ll miss all this , for my life slowly meets the thin line of separation between school and college .. 🙂

Not to really say , I don’t like this routine of mine , which to be very precise isn’t really a BIG routine –

  • Get up at 8
  • Have a chit chat over my tea
  • Slowly realize I have to go for a shower
  • Have my brunch
  • Facebook
  • Read some book (periodical, magazine, newspaper or any novel that reaches my hand)
  • Eat something (For the fact that I’ve reduced 5 kilos in the past 3 months 😉 )
  • Sleeeeep , BIG time
  • Facebook again
  • Chats , teases , blah blah
  • Occasionally go out with friends , have a good time
  • Dinner ( I HAVE to eat )
  • Sleep
Well , in this busy plan of mine , hardly I get time to even blog , which is totally BAD i know 😦 Decided to blog better , this holiday season of mine .. 🙂
So beating around the bush , I’m here to the topic … 🙂 Well I’ve got a new awesome pack of friends .. 🙂 Ami , Navi , Srivi , Sallu , Pon , Niru 🙂 Though I’ve known them earlier , I had no chances to get so close with them 🙂 And now, It’s that 4 of them have their birthdays this month 😉
Navi – 10th
Srivi – 14th
Ami – 16th
Pon – 26th
Awesome right 😀 Well and now , the planning gifts thing was so so tough 😉 Coz , 1. The gifts of the previous birthday’s shouldn’t repeat and 2 . they must love it 😉
So we went on and on , and finally with all our thinking caps on , we decided a collage for navi 🙂 We choose the best pics of all 6 of us and we edited them and finally framed it 🙂
The best moment was when Navi told us “Awesome gift , luv ya all 🙂 ” Well finally one down , 3 on the list 😉 To be back to say , how the rest went on 🙂
Hoping the best to go on .. Allz well that ends well 🙂 🙂
Excited to be alive 🙂