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Snacking is something that we have no defined time for. We snack when we work, we snack when we watch a movie, with a face pack on, and any activity – you name, we would still not mind munching something along with it. This is exactly why we should pay attention to what we munch, because it might seem like a small quantity, but considering how many times we do it in a day. I am not a calorie conscious person – but given a chance I would love to eat healthy food that tastes good too. (Can’t compromise on the taste!) But, I am also lazy, so do not expect me to make something healthy. For a person like me, something like healthy snacking feels perfect, to not feel guilty when munching something, yet the taste would make you fall in love with it!

I recently came across the brand called Eat Any time, and with the huge number of positive reviews, I got myself an assorted pack from Amazon. It had flavors like Orange, Mango-Ginger, Butterscotch, Peanut butter-chocolate and Bambaiyya Chaat. They retail for Rs 50 each. One detail I noticed, is how much they try to bring in the real essence of the flavor.


Butterscotch : A non-working version of a code, with a deadline of 4 hours? That’s exactly when I decided to munch this one. I loved this one to bits!

Orange : We all know about Bengaluru traffic! If you don’t, you should consider yourself lucky (or might as well come experience it!). So I was struck in traffic, with an estimated travel time to be an hour. This is when I decided to pick up this one, and munch it with all my frustration. This definitely filled me up until I could reach the destination (restaurant).


Bambaiya Chaat : I do not hit the gym, or do any heavy exercise everyday. I just love to walk. Headphones in my ears, and greenery around me, the peace and positive energy I get during the process is immense. After a long walk one evening, my pedometer showed 5 km, and with that satisfaction, I wanted to return home. But, my stomach did not agree. I was really exhausted. This is when I decided to pick up this one, instead of some oily chaat, and it did full justice to it’s name!

Mango-Ginger : This was my go to flavor when having my chai, as it was subtle and complemented my tea time perfectly! Also, a good way to avoid some junk during your snacking time.


Peanut butter and Chocolate : It’s a saturday morning! I have a face pack on, and my eyes are hooked to a TV series. Hands down, this is the flavor that I would pick to indulge myself in some guilt-free yet royal munching.

Tight schedules and erratic work hours make opting for healthy nutritious food a difficult task.But all these hurdles in the way of good health can be smartly removed by a good energy bar like E.A.T nutrition and energy bar in India.With the goodness of oats, E.A.T bars filling and provide instant energy.

No time for breakfast? Relax! A bar of E.A.T is all you need. You will never get bored with E.A.T for a wide assortment of scintillating flavors and textures makes these bars the best nutrition and energy bar.High in protein and a natural source of energy makes E.A.T bars a perfect post-workout snack.The wholesome nutrition from the seeds and nuts make these bar a super-snack bar! E.A.T nutrition bars are 100% natural and vegan and a perfect snack for one and all.

This was my personal review and situations when I ate these amazing flavors of snack bars from Eat Any Time. Go ahead, get yourself a flavor, and have a guilt-free munching session.

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When snacking turned healthy!

Don’t we all love to munch quick bites? Wouldn’t a weekend with the TV series/anime that you are watching be perfect with a lot of crisps and chocolates? We probably would have no clue what we are eating! 😛 As part of my ‘turn healthy’ year resolution, I have found another brand, that encourages me to have their perfect range of quick bites – for they are filled with proteins and taste incredibly good.

RiteBite Max is a brand with a range of products that give you instant proteins. If you are a work out person, this would be bliss for you. For a person like me, having this in my handbag, and munching it whenever I am hungry, especially when I can’t get food, has become a thing. Their packaging is travel friendly too.


My travel buddy!

You can find their complete list of products here. Quick review of the products that I’ve tried :

  • Honey Lemon protein bar : Doesn’t the name scream it all? What is not to like in a honey lemon combination? I love the way the ingredients were blended and it tasted like heaven.
  • Workout bar : Filled with nuts, proteins, fibre and chocolate, this is my partner during travel.
  • Sugarless Choco Lite : I was really skeptical about trying this, but turns out, the dark cocoa in this kept me hooked.
  • Choco Fudge : Need I say more? The best of all the flavors they have! 😀
  • Merry Berry Nutrition Bar : With the goodness of berries, this one is a low fat bar, which is again at a travel friendly packaging.

Which flavor do you choose?!

  • Spanish Tomato Snack : Tangy in taste , this one is non fried and non bakes (hot air puffed), yet tastes as good as any tomato flavored crisps. And it is filled with proteins. Win-win is it?

My favorite quick bite.

  • Cheese and Jalapeno Snack : Well, I was not too fond of this flavor, as somehow I felt it too cheesy. But if you are cheese lover, then this one is for you.

Snack time.

Overall, it is a brand worth trying, especially if you are calorie conscious, as this would reduce the fat content in your favorite snack and turn it all protein. Or if you are a vegan like me, then you could just use up some extra proteins! 😛

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~The Crank ^_^

New year resolutions – DOA?

A month back, we celebrated the new year with a lot of pomp. Though, we all say, that resolutions do not really happen, don’t we secretly wish for something? Mine revolved around turning to healthy eating habits and organic food, instead of junk. But healthy food cannot mean bland food. (Fine with me? No ways.) So, featuring a set of brands that have launched healthy tasty snacks, as alternatives for the junk. They strike the chord between nutrition and taste. This is the first of a set of posts.


They are a brand aimed at combining the concepts of a balanced diet and great taste. Theey have a variety of snacks – including chips, nuts, cookies, dry fruits and so on. They have recently launched a “Detox Oats” which is nothing but oats+ dry fruits+ berries. They taste amazing, and will definitely suffice as a meal/snack. All you have to do, is add milk or water ( my case milk and sugar 😛 ) and enjoy your meal. This has a tri-motto of burning fat, purification and regaining strength. The snack tasted yum, and is nothing like bland oats. It also looks so good, that it attracted both my grandmother as well as my nephew! My nephew eating this since it looked “colourful” made the job so easy for my sister 😉 You can check out this product and buy it here.


The packaging


My kind of snack!

Stay tuned for the other posts of this series.

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~The Crank

Wake up trouble?


The festive season is in the air, with the new year around the corner. It’s becoming chill day by day, so much that I’ve started ignoring my alarm clock every morning. After a million snoozes, what really inspires me to get up is the thought about my morning ‘filter’ coffee. A sleep walk to the kitchen (sane enough to make a good coffee 😛 ) and the aroma of the coffee, half wakes me up, and the first sip makes me thank my existence. Such is the importance of coffee in my life.


I totally heart coffee ❤

Recently I shifted to a new city (away from family) and so I could not get access to the usually coffee powder that my family used. That was exactly when I found the brand called BeanStalknLeaves which was created by people who shared  a similar love story with coffee. I’ve tried three of their variants and this is my honest feedback about it.


Enjoying a cup of coffee! 🙂

  • Velvet Dew is a not so strong variant of coffee, which is perfect a quick sip when you need a drink after dinner, before leaving for a quick task, the perfect coffee to offer guests, when you aren’t very sure of how strong they like their coffee. It definitely can’t go wrong there.
    My rating : 4/5
    Price : Rs 355 for 250g
  • Shot Gun is a very strong coffee variant (I ❤ this one) which helps my brain wake up in the morning and do my work right. This often goes on my afternoon to-do lists, so that the rest of the tasks on that list get done too! 😛 (win-win situation)
    My rating : 4.5/5
    Price : Rs 335 for 250g
  • Smooth Operator is the mildest variant of the three. Perfect for lazy days, where you don’t have too much to do, and want to chill.
    My rating : 3.5/5
    Price : Rs 295 for 250g


    Beautifully packed, travel friendly.

I’m waiting for more variants from this brand. Visit their official site for more on each of the variants or head to amazon to shop them. You could also gift these to a coffee lover, this festive season and pass on a few smiles. Happy spreading joy 😀 Let me know how you guys start your day. Mine is incomplete without coffee! 🙂

Till the next shot of coffee
~ The Crank!