Uber cool tees!


How many of us always look at our wardrobe and feel we have nothing to wear? Well, I feel you! No matter how many clothes we have stocked up, some how we don’t feel we have picked the right ones for every occasion. I love to travel, be it to another country or city, or just roam around in my own city – trying to discover new places to eat, some great stores and cool stuff! Being the travel-bug, I have always wanted an uber cool tee to complement the hippie that I am! I am also that person who does not like to wear something that everyone already has (I can be very picky!) so I wanted a design which is unique, yet stylish.

This is when I did my extensive research – started checking different websites, instagram stores, offline stores and I found my perfect tee! I got it from an online store called PrintOctopus. And the good news? They have a lot of amazing stuff!! Be it TV series or a perfect tee to give your bride-to-be on her Bachelorette party or just the perfect one to scream out that you are a foodie? They have it all covered. They also have cool posters, mobile covers and mouse pads for those of you who love collecting a bunch of them! They have amazing offers quite often and honestly the costs are extremely pocket friendly! If I can get a “Travel” themed cotton tee which is extremely comfy and looks amazing for 500 bucks, then it really shouldn’t hurt! Posting some of the clicks with the tee that you will love! You can check out the various categories on their website (Men’s tee, women’s tee, phone covers, wall art, mousepads), and with just a click, get what you love!


Want to catch me styling this tee? Click here to check it out on instagram! Also follow me on instagram for quick updates on my stories and my posts! I swear, they won’t be boring 🙂

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Egg for the hair?

Hey guys,

Hope the winters have been treating you guys well. The festive season is around the corner, which motivates us for new better beginnings 😀 We have all heard about the benefits of egg for the hair’s nutrition. Well, I have been eager to make a hair mask with egg for quite some time now, but couldn’t because I’m a vegetarian and taking home eggs is a BIG no-no. Browsing for alternatives, I landed up on a brand called eyova. They are a brand who came up with a solution for hair woes – Egg oil.

I’ve been trying this for almost 2 months now, and would like to share my feedback.


Claims made by the brand :

• Prevents premature hair loss
• Prevents premature hair greying
• Repairs hair damage
• Reduces dandruff and improves scalp condition
• Improves hair’s shine and luster

I’ve been using the oil, to massage my scalp and also applied a little on my entire hair length. I oiled my hair the previous night, like I use any other hair oil. It gets absorbed into the scalp very very quickly.


Any oil needs quite some time for it’s effects. The immediate effects that I saw, was that my hair got super soft.


Now, to the pros and cons.

Pros :

  • Much easier and less-clumsy way of using egg for hair.
  • Makes hair soft.
  • Gets absorbed into the scalp very quickly.
  • Manages frizz/dryness
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Available online.

Cons :

  • Pricey (Rs 590 for 50 ml)
  • Fragrance is not so good.
  • Requires quite some shampooing for removal (if a mild shampoo is used)

Overall, I would rate it a good 4/5. Check it’s features and buy it online at their official site or on flipkart. You may find some offers now, so go ahead and splurge in this product.

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-The Crank ^_^

Qtrove haul.

Time has proved a lot of stereotypes wrong :

1. Can you shop online?
2. People delivering products home – will it be safe?
3. What if you don’t like the products?

But one thing time can’t erase – the beauty of handmade products. Handmade products have their own value and charm. Don’t we all have a neighbour/friend who is exceptionally good at making handmade stuff, that is cute, and wants to sell it, but is not able to find a proper way to do so. Qtrove is a one-stop destination for all these handmade sellers. This in turn means you have a wide choice between organic and natural products, that are chemical free. (food for the skin and food for the body! :P)

They have a wide range of products from food, beauty products, home decor, accessories and a lot more. I recently had a shopping haul at Qtrove and I wanted to pen my experience.


All my products 🙂

I bought 4 products :

1. Rose Potpourri ( Iris) – smells like heaven. Can be used for an amazing fragrance in the house, or it makes a great gift when meeting a friend at their place. (4.5/5) You can get this product here.


The rose potpourri

2. Toner (Organic Mill) – I love this 100% natural toner – that claims to even out the skin. (4/5) You can get this product here.


Face toner.

3. Ardhana peppermint lip balm – This is a chemical free lip balm, that is extremely moisturizing. Only drawback being it has a glass container which is not very travel friendly. (4.5/5) You can get this product here.


Lip balm.

4. Eucalyptus essential oil (Aroma World) – Well, we all know the benefits of this one. From being a key product of aroma therapy to reliving body pain, this is a miracle oil. (4/5) You can get this product here.


Eucalyptus essential oil.

They have an amazing customer care to assist you with anything you require. They also have a sale going on for three days including today ( 24th nov 2016 to 26th nov 2016), wherein each day has a specific offer going. Race now, to get some amazing products in the sale! 🙂 Check out the site here. Also use the coupon code “RACHELT20” by December to avail a 20% off on your cart above Rs 400 😀

Check out my instagram handle for a lot of quick updates. 🙂

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Continuing the Natural Way!

Hey peeps,

Taking the decision of pampering your skin with organic and natural stuff, requires passion, commitment and determination to not turn back into those tempting products that give you results overnight. Natural products take their time in giving results, but once they do, you know that your skin is breathing better and is shining inside out. In the journey of finding good natural products, I have come across a lot of brands – one of which is Fuschia by Vkare. They make GMP certified Natural handmade skincare products which are SLS, phthalate, paraben free and Cruelty free. What more do you need from natural products? 🙂

I have tried and tested three of their products over a few months and here is my honest review about them :
Their packaging looks lovely, and I can’t help posting a picture of their packaging.


  1. Green tea face and body scrub : At the very outset, it smells heavenly! It is a very mild everyday scrub, which is very gentle on the skin. If you expect a rough scrub to exfoliate like once a week, then this is not your pick. Since it is mild (and smells too good to not use often), I include it in my CTM routine.

    Le scrub! 🙂


    It’s texture – reflects the green tea ingredient!

  2. Aloe-orange Gel : I’ve always awed at the different ways you can use the Aloe gel. I have an Aloe vera plant back at home, which I really miss right now, since I’m in a different city. This Aloe gel came really handy now. It is very light, and blends with the skin easily (like a serum) and does not make the skin oily. I use it as a night gel, and then apply a moisturizer on it to lock the gel into the face for a longer time.

    The gel packaging..



    The texture of the gel 🙂

  3. Soaps : These tiny soaps are a travel friendly option for any person, and come in different colors. My nephew stole one from me looking at how cute it was, and my sister keeps telling me that he loves his bath now a days! 😀

They have a lot more amazing products in store, some of which I would love to try in the coming days! You guys should take a look at their products in their home page and then decide the best ones for you! Do comment on what you feel about them.

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The Crank! 😀

Lass Naturals

Hey guys,

Once you start using natural products, you start liking the way your skin reacts to it, and there’s finally no looking back to the chemical junk. So here I am, on my path of finding and reviewing natural products. I recently got a few products from lass naturals, which is SLS and paraben free and this is my personal opinion about the products. At the very outset the products are pocket friendly.

Lass lip balm : I swear by this, multiple times a day. I love the ingredient list and love the way it keeps my otherwise chapped lips, soft.

Lass body butter : I use this mainly for my feet, and I see a tremendous improvement in my feet since then. I like the mild citrus smell and fact that it gets absorbed by the skin quickly.

Lass shampoo : This shampoo claims to reduce hair fall. I’ve used it twice a week for two weeks, and I already seem to notice a chance. The only off side of it is that, a large quantity is to be used for all the oil to disappear, which I think is a bi product of it being natural.

Overall, lass has been an amazing brand for me, and I’m hoping to hear from you about the natural brands you’ve used so far 🙂

Check their products Here.

Till the next post,

The crank. ^.^

Aroma Essentials

So in my previous post, I had mentioned about starting a journey through chemical-free skin products, of which the first I tried was the brand called Aroma Essentials. The owner Madhurima, from Banglore was extremely sweet in sending products that suited my skin type. I’ve tried four of their products for a few weeks now, and the following is my honest review about them.

Before the individual review, one amazing thing about their products, as the name suggests, is their fragrance, which is also natural. All their products claim to be completely natural. They also prepare their products in small batches, since they do not add chemical preservatives.

  1. Tomato Face wash: It had a thick consistency and was very mild and gentle on the skin. For those who prefer a face wash that would lather, this wont be your favorite. I used it twice a day as a mild cleanser. (Personal rating : 4/5).
  2. Strawberry scrub : I could die for the smell of this one. It is basically for oily skin and has a gel-like consistency. It can be used once or twice a week. My skin felt very soft and supple after the usage, and it seemed to ease a few blackheads. I loved it! (Personal rating : 4.5/5)
  3. Orange crush mask : I used this for my face once a week, and washed it after 20 minutes. Since, these are natural, I didn’t find a remarkable change after a single use, but I can assure you that with time, it does good to your skin. This mask was not for me. (Personal rating : 3/5)
  4. Papaya handmade soap : I usually use shower gels, and this was a new try. I loved the fragrance and well, maybe I’m moving from shower gels, to these, for good. (Personal rating : 4/5)

Overall, my skin could breathe naturally for these three weeks and I am definitely not going back to the chemical junk.

Check out their products here, if you are a natural-beauty person like me.

Let me know if you have your favourite organic brands.

Happy Bloggin!

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The Crank.

What’s that smell?

Hey guys,

It’s summer in most parts of India, and we all face a common problem – to smell good. Now, who doesn’t like to portray themselves as the guy/girl with a good fragrance? Everybody loves that attention. Spending thirty seconds of your morning time on spraying a perfume, for work, is one thing. But, summer calls for a handy pocket perfume, for the ‘just in case’ moments. And that’s were Neesh Perfumes came into play.

I was browsing for some good ‘pocket-friendly’ pocket perfumes (I haven’t started earning yet 😛 ) and I found this Indian attar (perfume) brand which claims to use natural and fresh ingredients. I found it’s fragrance range very unique and got to try two of the fragrances :

  1. Attar-E-Ishq : This one is my current travel-friendly favorite. It has a mild fragrance of vanilla with a little of nutmeg, bakhoor and cedarwood. The mild fragrance is what drew me towards it and if you are looking for some strong ones, you can try the other one.
  2. Moha-Beau-T : This one has a strong scent, but I love the way French rose and saffron have been mixed to give this a perfect Indo-Western touch.

The brand claims that these last for 12 hours, I can definitely assure a 10 hour “awesome you”. Not to forget the cute packaging, which can fit in your slings, or even your pockets. Coming to the cost, it costs 340 bucks for a 20 ml pack, which comes to less than 1 rupee per spray. (Each pack contains nearly 400 sprays 😉 )

You can know more about the other variants and purchase your favorites in the official website. These products are also available in the leading online websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and ebay.

So Keep Calm and Smell Well.

Till then,
-The Crank

Chemicals on your skin?

Fourteen years of schooling and four years of engineering have still not helped me to figure out what I wanna do with my life. So yes, the abstract happy news being I’m done with my studies, which also meant I had literally nothing to do. Comprehending my joblessness, I began searching and researching a lot on the internet (including facebook and instagram refreshes every 5 min). One of the two really productive things that this vacation saw me doing was to make a lot of DIY’s. I made a notebook, a planner, a few bookmarks, a jewelry kit and a few cute multi-purpose boxes ( all with a coffee by my side). I also tried my hand in a bit of doodling and sketching ( Umm, not great).

Of all the internet browsing, I also started discovering the ingredients in some of the cosmetic products I owned and in some more that I was planning to buy. Now, I liked to keep my beauty routine simple ( face wash – sunscreen – and.. end of list), and I made sure I used brands which ‘sounded herbal’. Now, the internet had proved me completely wrong. There were parabens, alcohols, carcenogens and a lot more chemicals, which by now would have embedded on my skin. That’s when I swore to use safer products and began researching on brands which were less familiar to the general world yet produced products from ingredients our ancestors used. These may seem slow to work, but your skin would definitely love it.

One of the safe brands in India, is Aroma Essentials which offers natural skin and hair care solutions of which I’ve began using a few products today. You guys can check this brand at AromaEss (facebook page) or AromaEssInsta (Insta page) and check out their amazing list of products. I’ll blog the review of the products in the next post, after using them for a few weeks. Till then,

The Crank.