Starting the new year with a gift (Go Glamego)


The second day of the year was a working day, and thanks to crazy work the first week, I came home completely drained out. And that’s when I saw a parcel waiting for me. The Glamego January month’s subscription box. That was exactly when I needed something to calm me down, and brighten me up. The box looked super pretty as usual – it had various resolutions printed on it, and was in a bright yellow colour.


This month’s box has four awesome products :

  • Biobloom facial oil: Priced at Rs 1499/15mL, this one product is one of the best that you can get out of a box priced at Rs 399. I use it at night, as a serum. I use just about 4 drops per use, so this would last me a good 2-3 months. It is light, does not make your face greasy, and has a light fragrance associated with it. A great product to include in your night routine.
    Price : Rs 1499/15 mL
    ..And it is? 4.5/5 (Any skin care organic chemical-free product wins my heart)
  • Bella Voste Lip gloss: Bella Voste is brand that was introduced to me by Glamego, and I have been in love with it ever since. Ditch your matte lipsticks for this shimmery lip gloss during the winter for a sleek look. Find the shade of your choice in this month’s box.
    Price : Rs 599
    Rated? 4/5 ( I usually like my lips as is, but I’m sure a lipstick lover would love this!)
  • Natural bath and body nourishing cream: Surprisingly I already this cream as my day cream, since it is very light weight and moisturizing at the same time. I have saved this small tube for any travel, since this makes life so easy!
    Price : Rs 220
    Cranks rate it : 4/5
  • Mcaffeine shower gel: This is my current shower gel thanks to Glamego giving me a sample sized bottle in an earlier box. Anything closely related to coffee gets my love, and this is no different. It comes in a beautiful blue colour and I swear it will make your shower time so much fun! It literally wakes every cell of my body. ( I should start being the ambassador of coffee based products!)
    Rating : 5/5

Getting products worth Rs 2500 from amazing brands for Rs 299/month, specially in the beginning of a new year would mean so much! Atleast to me, this was the first happy thing that happened to me this year. To find happiness in your own box, click here and go glamego! To more Glamego’s this year and discovering better products.

~Till the next one
The Crank.

Mango butter – natural skin & hair care


My skin and hair care routine has experienced quite a drastic change in the last few months. Slowly, I have tried and eliminated all the products with harsh chemicals from my dressing table – and I have replaced them with every natural and organic product. I have also tried to inculcate an actual morning and night routine and stick to it. Thanks to google, I also got a lot of information on raw ingredients and how you can use them in different ways! I have to admit – I loved the fact of buying fewer things and making the best use of them.

Moving to a new city around the same time, did not do very well to my hair, and since then I have been trying multiple theories on my hair. I had read about the benefits of mango butter – how moisturizing it can be for your hair and wanted to try it out. I was on a hunt for 100% natural mango butter, along with being pocket friendly! This is when I checked out the Ryaal Mango butter. Priced at Rs 599 for 150g, it was an immediate buy, since I have had multiple good experiences with the products from Ryaal.


Once I got the product – I started using it in multiple ways. Some lazy days – I would just use a small amount of the product on the ends of my hair after a hair wash. On other days I would let a little butter melt, and add a few drops of other oils that I love, and finally use this on my scalp and ends. (Click here to see my post on the oils that I mix along with the butter.) I also add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, since it is an anti-bacterial, and helps sooth the scalp. The effect was amazing! I love it so much, that now this has become a step in my hair routine – no matter how long it takes.


You can also use this as a moisturizer for your skin during winter, but since I do not have very dry skin I do not use it so.


  • 100% natural.
  • Pocket friendly. (Also they have a sale on amazon right now! Grab them now.)
  • Multiple uses for the hair and skin.
  • Has no fragrance – which is better than artificial fragrance or too strong fragrance.
  • Absorbed very quickly by the skin and hair.


Cons :

  • Packaging was a little off – I had to struggle to open the box.

Overall, this product is a complete win-win from my side. It might seem a little expensive, but one tub would easily last you a good 4-5 months, and hence it is worth every penny. Let me know if you have tried this for yourself, or if you would love to! Click here to try all these benefits for yourself! 🙂

Till the next one,
~The Crank

October Glamego Box

Hey guys!

If you have been reading some of my recent posts, then you would know about how much I am in love with one of the most affordable subscription boxes in town – Glamego! Today, I will review the products of the October festive box!


Why Glamego? Click here to read my post on the same. Also check out the products they had in their september box!

The October (festive) box came in vibrant colours, and had the following 6 products. The box usually has 4 products, but surprise products came in this month, to celebrate the festive season.

  • Bella Voste Lip crayon : This is my favorite product from the box! We get to choose the shade of the crayon. It glides smoothly, and I use one to two strokes on my lips, and it stays for a good 4-5 hours.
    Shade : Hypnotic Rose (06)
    Cost : Rs 499
    Product size : 3.8g
    Cons : Is not water resistant.
  • Nature’s Co lip balm : Love this one. It has become my handbag staple, as I don’t need to use my fingers to apply this.
    Cost : Rs 495
    Product size : 10mL
    Cons : Seems a little expensive, but Glamego makes it easier to access products like this!
  • Nature’s Co bath salt : Gives a very refreshing dimension to an otherwise boring shower.
    Cost : Rs 153
    Product size : 50g
    Cons : This box was leaking a little bit, but since it was bubble wrapped well, it was still okay.
  • Aroma Magic Face Wash : Been using this in my morning routine, and seems to clean off well, especially since I use oils in my night care routine. Very pocket-friendly, and comes in a light, travel friendly packaging.
    Cost : Rs 80
    Product size : 50mL.
    Cons : It does seem a little harsh to my skin. Would prefer something more gentle.
  • Lass Natural’s Shampoo & Conditioner : Used this before, and is one of the most gentle shampoo-conditioner range that I’ve used. Pocket friendly, and travel-friendly!
    Cost : Rs 55 (shampoo), Rs 65 (Cond)
    Product size : 50mL each
    Cons : The shampoo is one of my fav, but I would prefer a conditioner to be a little more strong, since I have frizzy hair!

Are you a subscriber to this box? If yes, Which are your fav products? No? Still need more reasons to get yourself a box worth Rs 1600 for just 299 per month? Click here to go ahead, and pamper yourself.  For quick updates, and fun stories, check out my insta page here, and follow me for regular spam! (I promise, they would not be boring :D)

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~The Crank


Squeaky clean skin!

Daily skin routine should be kept very simple. A cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine would be a perfect night routine. So where do scrubs come in this whole process? I use a gentle scrub twice a week, and once a week I use a scrub that leaves my skin squeaky clean! Some how that feeling is great, but I try not to over-do it, since it would keep removing the essential oils from the skin. So what do I use to do the weekly scrub, and why do I claim that it is one of the best products I’ve stumbled upon? Read on!


Product : Black mess, from Ryaal USA. Named after the ‘it’ ingredient – activated charcoal, this newbie in my closet has become one of my favorites in the shortest of time. At the very offset, I love the packaging, the tag lines and it seems damn eye candy. The fragrance is mild and smells a little of essential oils, which is soothing. So why is this according to me really worth using? Because it is a cleanser, scrub and a mask all in one!

Usage : I use it twice a week, since my daily go to is a very gentle cleanser/scrub. I wash my face with lukewarm water and then apply this product all over my face and neck. You can use it with water, rose water or even milk. I once used it with apple cider vinegar, and loved the results too! I let it stay for 20-30 minutes, and then use a gentle towel to rub it all away.



  • The ingredients are pure love! Be it activated charcoal or kaolin clay, fullers earth or aloe vera, the endless list is all just great for the skin!
  • The fragrance is very soothing – the peppermint and tea tree oil in the ingredient list do not go for a waste!
  • For that squeaky clean skin.
  • Three in one! I love the idea of it. Saves time, money and effort.
  • Cost effective! Rs 499 for 125g, which would easily come for 3-4 months, if used once/twice a week.
  • Last, but the most important, how my skin feels after using this!

Hop on to amazon, or their official website to get your hands on this one, or other essential oils from their list. Click here to read my blog post on their essential oils! Let me know if you have tried any of these, and how you like them!

Till the next one,
~The Crank!


September GlamEgo Box!

Retail therapy is by far one of the best ways to pamper yourself! To swipe your credit card, yet not end up being broke is a true struggle. I’ve tried to strike a cord by choosing a subscription box – Glamego, that offers a blend of make up products and skin care essentials for 399 bucks a month. Not to mention how most of the products are sulphate and paraben free, and from renowned brands. Today, I will be unboxing their September box.


Before you read this, you may want to know why to choose Glamego? Or even better, why a subscription box? Hop over to my previous post, and then come back here! 😀

The products came in a beautiful box, that is holding all my day routine products in it now! It had four products :

1. Neemli under eye serum

This is my favorite this month! Easy to use, travel friendly and amazing fragrance, this has found a place in my handbag. Not to forget, how this has found a place in my night routine as well.

Price : Rs 650 for 9mL ( Lol, but the cost of the entire box is 399, Duh! )


How to use : Roll on the oil for about two times under each of your eyes, massage and fall in love (and sleeeep!)

How was it? 5/5

2. Mccaffeine shower gel

Okay, not sure if Glamego found out my obsession to coffee, before curating this box and sending it over to me! This product is love! The colour, the mild smell and everything about it is enchanting!

How was it? 5/5

Price : Rs 189


3. Biobloom handmade soap 

I am not a huge fan of soaps, I prefer shower gels, but this one had such a good fragrance, and I am a sucker for anything for anything that smells amazing!

Price : Rs 125

How was it? Again, not a soap lover, so 4/5.

4. Bella voste nail paint 

This was again one of the products in the box that I reeeely enjoyed! I got the golden glitter paint, and there’s no looking back! They look really pretty, and stay on for quite some time. I used them alone, as well as on top of some red nail paint, for the perfect festive/party look!

Price : Rs 349

And this was? 4.5/5


Overall, this was such a sweet surprise! I couldn’t have chosen such good products for myself, and not to forget the steal deal! Gift this box to family and friends this festive season! Click here to get the box, or even get some of these products from their website, because they have a hugeee sale going on! And remember you are your best friend!! This month’s box also has a surprise product, wait for the un-boxing!


Until next time,
~The Crank

A surprise from you to you!

Work from monday to friday, party on saturday and sleep on sunday, and the loop continues. How often do we wish to break this monotony, and take a little time out to pamper our self with some love? And one really good way to do that, is retail therapy. But what if you don’t know what you are getting, but know that they are all good for your skin, and are worth much more than what you are paying? Is that not win-win? That’s the concept behind subscription boxes.

Pros of choosing a subscription box?

  • Pocket friendly way of trying different products and brands.
  • Pay less, and get more!
  • Sample sized products make a lot of sense, when something does not suit you.
  • Last but not the least, a gift to yourself!

September Glamego box! 🙂

Today I am going to introduce and share my experience with one of the most affordable boxes in India – Glamego Box. Priced at Rs 399 per box, if you choose the monthly plan, you could get it at upto Rs 289 per month, if you choose the yearly plan.

Why Glamego?

  • Premium brands
  • Most of the products are of everyday use, skin care and make up products.
  • Gives the customer the choices for certain shades (lipsticks/nail paints)
  • A minimum of 4 products per month, at just 399 per month!
  • Vouchers on some of the brands within the box, so that you can go ahead and buy the product with a good discount, if you liked it.

The October edition :’) Isn’t this a beauty?

The September box was so beautiful that I could not wait for my October box! Check their website, for subscribing to their boxes! And why is now the best time? Because they are giving an extra product as part of the festive October box. They also have a sale on some of their previous products, so grab them before they are gone. What’s in their October box? Need to sneak peak, before click the buy option? Head over to my instagram page for the same! Follow me on insta for quick updates, and cranky posts of my everyday shenanigans 😀

Stay tuned for the complete review of the boxes 🙂

Till then,
~The Crank!

Show off your tresses naturally!

Hey Cranks,

Being a blogger is a great responsibility, not only should you try unique products and give your honest reviews on it, but also remember the motive for you to begin blogging. I started this space to ink all the words that keep running in my head. A year after I still kept writing in this blog, I had a “eureka” moment discovering that most products that we use, thinking they would help our skin/hair, do more harm to us than good. Since then, I have made innumerable google searches to confirm what I had just learnt. And so, began the journey of two stories – one to discover natural products, and two, to help others discover the same.

Today’s post is on how to maintain your hair with natural products, and still show them off. Yes, you may not have that salon like finish or the kind of hair models show off in the commercials, but if you want to load less chemicals into your system, and maintain good hair, these products would work.

Herb Island is an Australian brand, that aims to provide superfoods to the hair and skin. Their products are cruelty free and chemical free(no sulphates and parabens) I have tried their hair range for quite some time now and this blog would feature my honest review on them.


A healthy hair regime consists of four stages:

  • Oiling

I have used the Ayurvedic Night Therapy hair oil from their range for this step. This bottle of oil looks so good, as you can actually see herbs in it. I would oil it into my scalp majorly, massage it and then leave it for some time. Occasionally I would also leave the oil in my hair overnight.


Cost : Rs 349/100ml

  • Shampooing

Next day in the morning, the first job is to wash the oily hair. I used the Exotic Flowers shampoo, which comes in a cute pink colored packaging. It is very gentle on the scalp, which is the first thing I would want in a shampoo. It cleanses the oil really well, though I required to do a double time wash. It has a mild fragrance, and the consistency of the shampoo is pretty good. I use this primarily for the scalp, and not too much for the lengths of my hair.

Cost : Rs 250/200ml


  • Conditioning

Next step is to drain the excess water from the lengths of the hair, and to dab the conditioner on to it. I used the Exotic Flowers Conditioner for this step. I required a large amount of the product for this, though my hair is not extremely long. I washed it after letting it stay for a good 2-3 minutes. Like the shampoo, it imparted a mild fragrance in my hair. It did help in making the hair a little soft, but did not make it completely frizz free.

Cost : Rs 150/100ml


  • Nourishment

After towel drying my hair, and letting it to air dry, I would apply the serum to the lengths of my hair. I used the Moroccan Argan Oil Serum for this, which is my favorite in their hair range. This would make it easier for me to remove my tangles, and lets not forget the benefits of Argan oil for our hair. I did not see a visible shine in my hair, but it does keep the hair look healthy.

Cost : Rs 399/100ml


They have more products than what I have got for myself. You can check out the complete range of products here, and choose whatever suits you! And the best part, you get a flat 20% off on all products, using the code ‘MSURPRISE20’. Do you need more reasons to shop yourself something natural this weekend? 🙂  Follow me on instagram for instant updates! 😀

Till the next one
~The Crank

Oils.. essential?

I still remember as a kid, the struggle my mom had in oiling my hair. I used to scream and she still went ahead with it. Now, I wish I hadn’t done that! Today, the whole world seems to have understood the benefits of oils. Oils have two kinds – carrier oils and essential oils. Essential oils – are highly concentrated oils that serve some specific purposes. (Eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil) The carrier oils are like coconut oil, and olive oil. Today I am here to pen my experience on the three oils that were less known to me in the past, the ones that got everyone’s attention in a small span of time! All these three are from a brand called Ryaal, and are cold pressed virgin oils (no added preservatives).


I ordered them from amazon, where they have a huge collection of essential and cold pressed oils. I received the order within 3 days of placing it, and the packaging was pretty secure. Each of the bottles came on a separate box, and had a dropper also, for easy application.

  • Avocado oil : It has extremely many uses, to list a few – it hydrates your skin, helps in acne and blackhead removal, softens the skin, so on and so forth. Since avocado is not easily available in India, this is a good alternative. The oil seemed extremely pure, and I have been using this as a night serum.
  • Jojoba oil : Acne, sunburns, chapped skin are all just a few things that this oil can help with! I use this for my chapped lips in the night.
  • Argan Oil : Keeping the best for the end, this one is a holy grail! I have been wanting to get argan oil for quite some time now. This oil contains vitamin E and hence is a great skin toner. I also use it as a hair oil for the extra moisture and shine.


The best part of getting these oils in the purest form, is that you can go about making your own skin care regime – toners, moisturizers, hair oil, etc! I have also created a leave on serum for my hair using the 3 oils!

I had only one problem – which was the fragrance. Having used products with fragrance, this was difficult, but considering it to be all natural and no artificial fragrance added, I think it makes sense!

This is a sure 9/10 and I will be getting more oils (this time essential oils) from them! Check them out here and go on choosing the best products for yourself! Check out their insta page here and show them some love! 🙂

Until the next one,
~The Crank

Summers? Sheet masks to the rescue!

Aaaaand Summer is here to stay! It’s burning almost 40 degrees here. So what happens to your skin? Well, damaged is an under statement. So you definitely want to give your skin a boost, apart from your daily skin routine. Going to the parlor may be a choice, but that’s not my favorite. Some how it doesn’t give me great results, and sometimes I get breakouts too. So I just pamper my skin at the comforts of my home. We have a lot of face masks out there to help us relax, remove all the tan and moisturize the face. I have been using sheet masks for quite some time now, and I find them useful in more than one way.

I have been getting them from Skin18, which offers a wide variety of Korean natural and beauty products. (and I recently bought some during my visit to Hong Kong too). Today I have 3 masks to review.

I recently bought the Mediheal Dress Code range, for which the first thing you would notice, is how beautiful and attractive it looks!


How cute does it look?! 😀

Jumping into the application. Cleanse your face, apply your toner as usual, and then apply the mask. Have it on for a good 30 to 45 minutes, and then remove it. Do not reuse the mask.


Dress Code – BLUE (4/5)

  • Has an anti-aging and ant wrinkle effect
  • Improves skin texture and evenness.


Dress Code – VIOLET (4/5)

  • Makes the skin soft and supple.
  • Keeps your face moisturized (toning effect).


Dress Code – BLACK (4.5/5)

  • Extremely moisturizing.
  • My favorite among the three!
  • Has some brightening effect too!

Thumbs up for these masks :

  • Extremely affordable (You have great offers on this site!)
  • Almost a spa like treatment before an occasion, without an expensive parlor visits.
  • Do it at the comfort of your house!
  • Looks great! 😉
  • Extremely easy to use. (No complicated steps!)
  • Spoilt with choices, for what your skin needs!

Thumbs down?!

  • They have all their instructions/information behind the mask only in Korean and not English.
  • If you have sensitive skin, you may want to try a little, and wait for some time to make sure, your skin doesn’t react negatively to it.

Do you use sheet masks? What’s your skin care routine like? Let me know! 🙂

Till the next one,
~The Crank!

Depressed? Try Retail Therapy.


Weekdays are hectic and tiring. Come weekends, all I want to do is relax, with a book, some music and pamper myself. In addition it is my birthday week, and so I have a bunch of haul. View it on instagram here 🙂

Skin18 is a one stop destination for all K-beauty products, which would be a perfect way to start your weekend. I had already done a post about my previous experience with skin18, check it here if you haven’t read it earlier. I have tried two of their mask sheets (Fresh Fruit Blueberry and Fresh Fruit Honey) which I will be reviewing today.

Both these masks have similar directions to use. I first washed my face, and used my regular toner. Then applied the mask for around 30 minutes. I ended it with massaging my face for a minute. The hydration was real, it felt so good to the skin. Also, the aroma of the mask was a definite plus. Finally, I locked the moisture that the mask gave me by using a night cream.

Pros :

  • Quick restoration of hydration
  • Easy to use
  • Pocket friendly


Rating : 4.5/5

Till the next post,
~The Crank