Super food for the hair

Hey Cranks,

New year, same me! As always, I am on the lookout for chemical free, gentle products for my skin and hair, this year. Towards the end of last year, I got my hands on the onion range form Ryaal – I’ve raved enough about this brand on my blog and instagram. I’ve used it for about one month now to know exactly how this fares.

The range includes onion oil and onion shampoo.


Ryaal onion oil

Pros –

  • Has the super food onion – which helps with new hair growth.
  • Helps combat dandruff
  • Chemical free – no sulphates, parabens or any sneaky ingredient.

Cons –

  • Heavy oil – you can definitely not put your hair into a bun and go out
  • Fragrance is a little disturbing, but I guess that’s obvious when you buy a product with onion in it.

Ryaal Onion Fusion Shampoo

Pros –

  • Cleans the scalp really well, without stripping it.
  • Chemical free – no sulphates, parabens or any sneaky ingredient.
  • Light fragrance of Sandalwood helps hide the smell of onions
  • Helps combat dandruff

Cons –

  • Nothing, really!

Definitely check out this range, if you are in the lookout of hair concerns like dandruff, or hair loss, or are checking out hair products which are devoid of chemicals like parabens and sulphates!

~The Crank


Waking up late in the morning, getting ready in a few minutes, running to work, having a code that would not work no matter what, getting late back home and ultimately having a bad day. Does this sound like your day? Well, I’ve been there too. So what do I do to make the rest of my day better? Read on.

Since the time I have switched to natural and chemical free products, I have been constantly searching for brands that suit my skin needs along with being affordable. One such brand which has definitely found its place in my shelf is Ryaal. After trying out their essential oils, cold pressed oils, scrub and mask, I have found the perfect product to relax myself at the end of my day. Oh yes, I am talking about their Dr Salt, epsom salt. They have these in different forms, depending on the essential oil that is infused with the epsom salt and I bought the Lavender one.


How do I use this?

  • My first choice is to quickly fill a tub with hot water, add my favourite body cleanser in it and sprinkle and hand full of the bath salt. Epsom salt relieves the muscles of any tension and helps calm them. I can’t think of a better foot soak, since this has lavender, which helps in give a spa like feel too.

My little spa kit

  • Some days I am just too lazy for a pedicure. For such days I add the salt to my shower, and tada – a relaxing bath is ready.

This product is super easy to use and pretty affordable, given you can buy a 5kg pouch for around Rs 550 (there are offers on amazon) and keep using it for a long long time. Also, the pouch has a zip lock closure thank to which the salt will not get in contact with moisture. To buy this or check out the variants, click here for amazon, and here for their official website. Do let me know if you have a product that you absolutely love!

Till the next one,
~The Crank

Shielding your face

Its the time of the year when the Sun shines brightly thanks to which you can come out of your winter wear and into dresses. But this also means taking measures against the sun leaving a mark on your skin. From childhood, I have always hated sunscreens for a reason – they are damn greasy! I apply sunscreen and go out, in half an hour, my face is like a magnet of oil (well, a little bit of exaggeration maybe!) Also , since I moved to natural and organic products last year, I am used to flipping to the ingredients section of an product before buying it. Most products failed this test, and so I wasn’t using any sunscreen. This year, I decided to do my research and get one before the Summer, and here I am with a winder product, that I have tested on in varying environments and it has still passed!


This sunscreen from Wow has been the savior that I’ve been talking about! What’s so different about this one, you ask? Listen up!

  • First and foremost – it has no dirty chemicals in it. I hate the concept of a skin care essential when it is loaded with ingredients which harm you! I mean is it not paradoxical? It would protect you from the UV rays of the sun, but your skin would suffer from the product itself. No more compromises! This one is sulphate, paraben and mineral oil free.
  • No greasy feeling after applying it – As mentioned above, that was my least favourite experience with sunscreen. This one on the contrary is light weighted and blends easily into the skin.
  • No white patches after application.
  • Quite pocket friendly. Rs 599 for 100 ml, but I’ve been using this for about 3 months now and the bottle is less than a quarter complete.
  • I’ve regression tested it across multiple terrains – while trekking in a mountain, as well as when chilling by the sea. It seems to have passed it all!

This one is definitely going to be a keeper, and might become  a holy grail product. Go ahead and give this a try if you haven’t found your perfect sunscreen, or the word sunscreen brings a really bad image in your head! Grab this on their official website or on amazon.

Till the next one
~The Crank

What you need for Valentines?

Valentines day is one of the most hyped things that people in love (or not) decided to do. Something that began years back, still stands a tradition thanks to which, all the malls are crowded, restaurants have a huge wait time and gift shops have more than twice the usual business. So what does it mean to me? To me love is one of the greatest feelings ever, but if there is one person who deserves all the love, it is yourself. I love a spa day at home or a date with myself, because in the process I learn more about myself, leave out all my insecurities that I need to be with someone all the time, and start appreciating the smaller beauties of life. This year pampering myself was simpler than usual, thanks to my February Glamego box. It had everything to pamper and get myself ready for a date. Here’s my take on the products in the box!

  1. Mcaffeine Glow face pack : This first product got my heart! This is a gel based mask for dry skin. If you have oily, they gave a clay based mask from the same brand. This mask had a strong chocolate smell, and had I not resisted, I might have ended up eating it! The consistency was just perfect, and I let it sit on my skin for a good 15-20 minutes after washing my face and neck. I then gently scrubbed off the mask using a soft washcloth, but you could also just remove it with water. The result? Soft and moisturized skin which is so necessary this summer.
  2. Nature’s Co Saffron Radiance Face cream : Anything that is chemical free and has saffron in it is like cherry on top of the cake. This is something perfect to dab on to your skin after the face pack. Do not judge the product by the size of the box and the product. I did, and instantly realized that a pea sized amount would cover your entire face since it is very very thick in consistency. The fragrance is mild.
  3. Kronokare Pollu-stop Protective Screen : Now that my mini session was over and I was heading to shop something, I applied my sunscreen. What next? Would that protect you from all the pollution in the city? This product in the box comes to your rescue. Just spray this throughout your face and neck, and you are good to step out.
  4. Natural Bath and Body mist : Heading out without some fragrance? Well, that’s such a nightmare. Comes to rescue the NBB body mist in an ocean fragrance which was both mild and enchanting. This fourth product was a personal choice, and some people opted for a lipstick, but I am more of a fragrance person than lipstick any day.

So what if Valentines day is over, you definitely don’t need one day to spread love and happiness. I am so waiting for my March glamego box since it is the wedding season again, and I have tons of friends getting hitched. Also this box costs more than 2000 bucks, but I got it for a whooping 299 bucks. Crazy right? Time to head here and get your own box with some products customize to your need. Quick secret : The march box is their anniversary edition, so you get one product extra! So hoot hoot, time to shop! Follow me on insta for quick updates and happy stories ( I promise I won’t spam you! )

Till the next one,
The Crank!

Gentle skin and hair care ft MamaEarth

Hey guys,

Switching from chemical laden products to natural products can be a hectic task, but I am loving every bit of exploring different brands, ingredients and products. The long term results of using these are again worth the wait. The other day I was looking for something to gift a family friend on the arrival of their beautiful baby girl, and looking at the ingredients I was so taken aback by the number of chemicals a normal baby product has (even renowned brands). After extensive searching I found the brand called MamaEarth, which strives to provide moms and kids something that is gentle for their skin. They are also sulphate, paraben and cruelty free and hence safe to use for anyone.

I went ahead and spoilt myself with some products from their range. I got myself the Nourishing body lotion and the Hair mask.

Body Lotion : This lotion has become part of my winter night routine. I do not usually apply too much lotion during the summer, but in winter, it’s a must! I also use a lotion after I shave my hands and legs. I do not use it much for my face, as it is a little thick.


Pros :

  • Very moisturizing
  • Not too expensive
  • A great product to use before and after your shaving.
  • My hands and feet love this!
  • Very thick consistency.

Cons :

  • Fragrance could’ve been a little better.

Hair Mask : I love hair masks. I have been showing some extra love and care to my hair the past few months – since I moved to a new place, and I have been experiencing a few hair woes. After changing some of the products in my hair regime, I have really been seeing differences in my hair *touchwood*. This mask has definitely secured it’s place in my hair care routine – I use it at least once a week. You can use it as a conditioner during your hair wash, or even as a mask before you wash your hair. I have tried both, but the former seemed to work best for me. I would leave this in my hair for a good 15-20 minutes, after shampooing. Used this for 3 weeks now, and the results are much better than what I used to have.


Pros :

  • It costs Rs 599/200g, which is totally worth it. It would last me for a good 4-5 months.
  • Love the thick consistency – as my hair type is frizzy, and a thin conditioner does not do the job.
  • Filled with goodness
  • No sulphates, parabens and other chemicals.

I absolutely find no cons with this one. It is definitely one of my constants.

I also received a few uber cute samples, which I gave my nephew and he was delighted to use them.


Have you tried these products yet? Whatever your answer may be, it’s time to scroll through their website and choose your favorites! You can also get them on amazon, by clicking here. So now that you have read this, you know what to get for your next friend or cousin who has a baby. Pampering the mom and the baby the right way, and well, you can thank me later!

Till the next one,
~The Crank

Starting the new year with a gift (Go Glamego)


The second day of the year was a working day, and thanks to crazy work the first week, I came home completely drained out. And that’s when I saw a parcel waiting for me. The Glamego January month’s subscription box. That was exactly when I needed something to calm me down, and brighten me up. The box looked super pretty as usual – it had various resolutions printed on it, and was in a bright yellow colour.


This month’s box has four awesome products :

  • Biobloom facial oil: Priced at Rs 1499/15mL, this one product is one of the best that you can get out of a box priced at Rs 399. I use it at night, as a serum. I use just about 4 drops per use, so this would last me a good 2-3 months. It is light, does not make your face greasy, and has a light fragrance associated with it. A great product to include in your night routine.
    Price : Rs 1499/15 mL
    ..And it is? 4.5/5 (Any skin care organic chemical-free product wins my heart)
  • Bella Voste Lip gloss: Bella Voste is brand that was introduced to me by Glamego, and I have been in love with it ever since. Ditch your matte lipsticks for this shimmery lip gloss during the winter for a sleek look. Find the shade of your choice in this month’s box.
    Price : Rs 599
    Rated? 4/5 ( I usually like my lips as is, but I’m sure a lipstick lover would love this!)
  • Natural bath and body nourishing cream: Surprisingly I already this cream as my day cream, since it is very light weight and moisturizing at the same time. I have saved this small tube for any travel, since this makes life so easy!
    Price : Rs 220
    Cranks rate it : 4/5
  • Mcaffeine shower gel: This is my current shower gel thanks to Glamego giving me a sample sized bottle in an earlier box. Anything closely related to coffee gets my love, and this is no different. It comes in a beautiful blue colour and I swear it will make your shower time so much fun! It literally wakes every cell of my body. ( I should start being the ambassador of coffee based products!)
    Rating : 5/5

Getting products worth Rs 2500 from amazing brands for Rs 299/month, specially in the beginning of a new year would mean so much! Atleast to me, this was the first happy thing that happened to me this year. To find happiness in your own box, click here and go glamego! To more Glamego’s this year and discovering better products.

~Till the next one
The Crank.

Uber cool tees!


How many of us always look at our wardrobe and feel we have nothing to wear? Well, I feel you! No matter how many clothes we have stocked up, some how we don’t feel we have picked the right ones for every occasion. I love to travel, be it to another country or city, or just roam around in my own city – trying to discover new places to eat, some great stores and cool stuff! Being the travel-bug, I have always wanted an uber cool tee to complement the hippie that I am! I am also that person who does not like to wear something that everyone already has (I can be very picky!) so I wanted a design which is unique, yet stylish.

This is when I did my extensive research – started checking different websites, instagram stores, offline stores and I found my perfect tee! I got it from an online store called PrintOctopus. And the good news? They have a lot of amazing stuff!! Be it TV series or a perfect tee to give your bride-to-be on her Bachelorette party or just the perfect one to scream out that you are a foodie? They have it all covered. They also have cool posters, mobile covers and mouse pads for those of you who love collecting a bunch of them! They have amazing offers quite often and honestly the costs are extremely pocket friendly! If I can get a “Travel” themed cotton tee which is extremely comfy and looks amazing for 500 bucks, then it really shouldn’t hurt! Posting some of the clicks with the tee that you will love! You can check out the various categories on their website (Men’s tee, women’s tee, phone covers, wall art, mousepads), and with just a click, get what you love!


Want to catch me styling this tee? Click here to check it out on instagram! Also follow me on instagram for quick updates on my stories and my posts! I swear, they won’t be boring 🙂

Till the next time
~The Crank

Mango butter – natural skin & hair care


My skin and hair care routine has experienced quite a drastic change in the last few months. Slowly, I have tried and eliminated all the products with harsh chemicals from my dressing table – and I have replaced them with every natural and organic product. I have also tried to inculcate an actual morning and night routine and stick to it. Thanks to google, I also got a lot of information on raw ingredients and how you can use them in different ways! I have to admit – I loved the fact of buying fewer things and making the best use of them.

Moving to a new city around the same time, did not do very well to my hair, and since then I have been trying multiple theories on my hair. I had read about the benefits of mango butter – how moisturizing it can be for your hair and wanted to try it out. I was on a hunt for 100% natural mango butter, along with being pocket friendly! This is when I checked out the Ryaal Mango butter. Priced at Rs 599 for 150g, it was an immediate buy, since I have had multiple good experiences with the products from Ryaal.


Once I got the product – I started using it in multiple ways. Some lazy days – I would just use a small amount of the product on the ends of my hair after a hair wash. On other days I would let a little butter melt, and add a few drops of other oils that I love, and finally use this on my scalp and ends. (Click here to see my post on the oils that I mix along with the butter.) I also add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, since it is an anti-bacterial, and helps sooth the scalp. The effect was amazing! I love it so much, that now this has become a step in my hair routine – no matter how long it takes.


You can also use this as a moisturizer for your skin during winter, but since I do not have very dry skin I do not use it so.


  • 100% natural.
  • Pocket friendly. (Also they have a sale on amazon right now! Grab them now.)
  • Multiple uses for the hair and skin.
  • Has no fragrance – which is better than artificial fragrance or too strong fragrance.
  • Absorbed very quickly by the skin and hair.


Cons :

  • Packaging was a little off – I had to struggle to open the box.

Overall, this product is a complete win-win from my side. It might seem a little expensive, but one tub would easily last you a good 4-5 months, and hence it is worth every penny. Let me know if you have tried this for yourself, or if you would love to! Click here to try all these benefits for yourself! 🙂

Till the next one,
~The Crank

Snacking in style ft EAT Anytime

Hey guys,

Snacking is something that we have no defined time for. We snack when we work, we snack when we watch a movie, with a face pack on, and any activity – you name, we would still not mind munching something along with it. This is exactly why we should pay attention to what we munch, because it might seem like a small quantity, but considering how many times we do it in a day. I am not a calorie conscious person – but given a chance I would love to eat healthy food that tastes good too. (Can’t compromise on the taste!) But, I am also lazy, so do not expect me to make something healthy. For a person like me, something like healthy snacking feels perfect, to not feel guilty when munching something, yet the taste would make you fall in love with it!

I recently came across the brand called Eat Any time, and with the huge number of positive reviews, I got myself an assorted pack from Amazon. It had flavors like Orange, Mango-Ginger, Butterscotch, Peanut butter-chocolate and Bambaiyya Chaat. They retail for Rs 50 each. One detail I noticed, is how much they try to bring in the real essence of the flavor.


Butterscotch : A non-working version of a code, with a deadline of 4 hours? That’s exactly when I decided to munch this one. I loved this one to bits!

Orange : We all know about Bengaluru traffic! If you don’t, you should consider yourself lucky (or might as well come experience it!). So I was struck in traffic, with an estimated travel time to be an hour. This is when I decided to pick up this one, and munch it with all my frustration. This definitely filled me up until I could reach the destination (restaurant).


Bambaiya Chaat : I do not hit the gym, or do any heavy exercise everyday. I just love to walk. Headphones in my ears, and greenery around me, the peace and positive energy I get during the process is immense. After a long walk one evening, my pedometer showed 5 km, and with that satisfaction, I wanted to return home. But, my stomach did not agree. I was really exhausted. This is when I decided to pick up this one, instead of some oily chaat, and it did full justice to it’s name!

Mango-Ginger : This was my go to flavor when having my chai, as it was subtle and complemented my tea time perfectly! Also, a good way to avoid some junk during your snacking time.


Peanut butter and Chocolate : It’s a saturday morning! I have a face pack on, and my eyes are hooked to a TV series. Hands down, this is the flavor that I would pick to indulge myself in some guilt-free yet royal munching.

Tight schedules and erratic work hours make opting for healthy nutritious food a difficult task.But all these hurdles in the way of good health can be smartly removed by a good energy bar like E.A.T nutrition and energy bar in India.With the goodness of oats, E.A.T bars filling and provide instant energy.

No time for breakfast? Relax! A bar of E.A.T is all you need. You will never get bored with E.A.T for a wide assortment of scintillating flavors and textures makes these bars the best nutrition and energy bar.High in protein and a natural source of energy makes E.A.T bars a perfect post-workout snack.The wholesome nutrition from the seeds and nuts make these bar a super-snack bar! E.A.T nutrition bars are 100% natural and vegan and a perfect snack for one and all.

This was my personal review and situations when I ate these amazing flavors of snack bars from Eat Any Time. Go ahead, get yourself a flavor, and have a guilt-free munching session.

Till the next one
~The Crank!

October Glamego Box

Hey guys!

If you have been reading some of my recent posts, then you would know about how much I am in love with one of the most affordable subscription boxes in town – Glamego! Today, I will review the products of the October festive box!


Why Glamego? Click here to read my post on the same. Also check out the products they had in their september box!

The October (festive) box came in vibrant colours, and had the following 6 products. The box usually has 4 products, but surprise products came in this month, to celebrate the festive season.

  • Bella Voste Lip crayon : This is my favorite product from the box! We get to choose the shade of the crayon. It glides smoothly, and I use one to two strokes on my lips, and it stays for a good 4-5 hours.
    Shade : Hypnotic Rose (06)
    Cost : Rs 499
    Product size : 3.8g
    Cons : Is not water resistant.
  • Nature’s Co lip balm : Love this one. It has become my handbag staple, as I don’t need to use my fingers to apply this.
    Cost : Rs 495
    Product size : 10mL
    Cons : Seems a little expensive, but Glamego makes it easier to access products like this!
  • Nature’s Co bath salt : Gives a very refreshing dimension to an otherwise boring shower.
    Cost : Rs 153
    Product size : 50g
    Cons : This box was leaking a little bit, but since it was bubble wrapped well, it was still okay.
  • Aroma Magic Face Wash : Been using this in my morning routine, and seems to clean off well, especially since I use oils in my night care routine. Very pocket-friendly, and comes in a light, travel friendly packaging.
    Cost : Rs 80
    Product size : 50mL.
    Cons : It does seem a little harsh to my skin. Would prefer something more gentle.
  • Lass Natural’s Shampoo & Conditioner : Used this before, and is one of the most gentle shampoo-conditioner range that I’ve used. Pocket friendly, and travel-friendly!
    Cost : Rs 55 (shampoo), Rs 65 (Cond)
    Product size : 50mL each
    Cons : The shampoo is one of my fav, but I would prefer a conditioner to be a little more strong, since I have frizzy hair!

Are you a subscriber to this box? If yes, Which are your fav products? No? Still need more reasons to get yourself a box worth Rs 1600 for just 299 per month? Click here to go ahead, and pamper yourself.  For quick updates, and fun stories, check out my insta page here, and follow me for regular spam! (I promise, they would not be boring :D)

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