Waking up late in the morning, getting ready in a few minutes, running to work, having a code that would not work no matter what, getting late back home and ultimately having a bad day. Does this sound like your day? Well, I’ve been there too. So what do I do to make the rest of my day better? Read on.

Since the time I have switched to natural and chemical free products, I have been constantly searching for brands that suit my skin needs along with being affordable. One such brand which has definitely found its place in my shelf is Ryaal. After trying out their essential oils, cold pressed oils, scrub and mask, I have found the perfect product to relax myself at the end of my day. Oh yes, I am talking about their Dr Salt, epsom salt. They have these in different forms, depending on the essential oil that is infused with the epsom salt and I bought the Lavender one.


How do I use this?

  • My first choice is to quickly fill a tub with hot water, add my favourite body cleanser in it and sprinkle and hand full of the bath salt. Epsom salt relieves the muscles of any tension and helps calm them. I can’t think of a better foot soak, since this has lavender, which helps in give a spa like feel too.

My little spa kit

  • Some days I am just too lazy for a pedicure. For such days I add the salt to my shower, and tada – a relaxing bath is ready.

This product is super easy to use and pretty affordable, given you can buy a 5kg pouch for around Rs 550 (there are offers on amazon) and keep using it for a long long time. Also, the pouch has a zip lock closure thank to which the salt will not get in contact with moisture. To buy this or check out the variants, click here for amazon, and here for their official website. Do let me know if you have a product that you absolutely love!

Till the next one,
~The Crank

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