Shielding your face

Its the time of the year when the Sun shines brightly thanks to which you can come out of your winter wear and into dresses. But this also means taking measures against the sun leaving a mark on your skin. From childhood, I have always hated sunscreens for a reason – they are damn greasy! I apply sunscreen and go out, in half an hour, my face is like a magnet of oil (well, a little bit of exaggeration maybe!) Also , since I moved to natural and organic products last year, I am used to flipping to the ingredients section of an product before buying it. Most products failed this test, and so I wasn’t using any sunscreen. This year, I decided to do my research and get one before the Summer, and here I am with a winder product, that I have tested on in varying environments and it has still passed!


This sunscreen from Wow has been the savior that I’ve been talking about! What’s so different about this one, you ask? Listen up!

  • First and foremost – it has no dirty chemicals in it. I hate the concept of a skin care essential when it is loaded with ingredients which harm you! I mean is it not paradoxical? It would protect you from the UV rays of the sun, but your skin would suffer from the product itself. No more compromises! This one is sulphate, paraben and mineral oil free.
  • No greasy feeling after applying it – As mentioned above, that was my least favourite experience with sunscreen. This one on the contrary is light weighted and blends easily into the skin.
  • No white patches after application.
  • Quite pocket friendly. Rs 599 for 100 ml, but I’ve been using this for about 3 months now and the bottle is less than a quarter complete.
  • I’ve regression tested it across multiple terrains – while trekking in a mountain, as well as when chilling by the sea. It seems to have passed it all!

This one is definitely going to be a keeper, and might become  a holy grail product. Go ahead and give this a try if you haven’t found your perfect sunscreen, or the word sunscreen brings a really bad image in your head! Grab this on their official website or on amazon.

Till the next one
~The Crank

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