What you need for Valentines?

Valentines day is one of the most hyped things that people in love (or not) decided to do. Something that began years back, still stands a tradition thanks to which, all the malls are crowded, restaurants have a huge wait time and gift shops have more than twice the usual business. So what does it mean to me? To me love is one of the greatest feelings ever, but if there is one person who deserves all the love, it is yourself. I love a spa day at home or a date with myself, because in the process I learn more about myself, leave out all my insecurities that I need to be with someone all the time, and start appreciating the smaller beauties of life. This year pampering myself was simpler than usual, thanks to my February Glamego box. It had everything to pamper and get myself ready for a date. Here’s my take on the products in the box!

  1. Mcaffeine Glow face pack : This first product got my heart! This is a gel based mask for dry skin. If you have oily, they gave a clay based mask from the same brand. This mask had a strong chocolate smell, and had I not resisted, I might have ended up eating it! The consistency was just perfect, and I let it sit on my skin for a good 15-20 minutes after washing my face and neck. I then gently scrubbed off the mask using a soft washcloth, but you could also just remove it with water. The result? Soft and moisturized skin which is so necessary this summer.
  2. Nature’s Co Saffron Radiance Face cream : Anything that is chemical free and has saffron in it is like cherry on top of the cake. This is something perfect to dab on to your skin after the face pack. Do not judge the product by the size of the box and the product. I did, and instantly realized that a pea sized amount would cover your entire face since it is very very thick in consistency. The fragrance is mild.
  3. Kronokare Pollu-stop Protective Screen : Now that my mini session was over and I was heading to shop something, I applied my sunscreen. What next? Would that protect you from all the pollution in the city? This product in the box comes to your rescue. Just spray this throughout your face and neck, and you are good to step out.
  4. Natural Bath and Body mist : Heading out without some fragrance? Well, that’s such a nightmare. Comes to rescue the NBB body mist in an ocean fragrance which was both mild and enchanting. This fourth product was a personal choice, and some people opted for a lipstick, but I am more of a fragrance person than lipstick any day.

So what if Valentines day is over, you definitely don’t need one day to spread love and happiness. I am so waiting for my March glamego box since it is the wedding season again, and I have tons of friends getting hitched. Also this box costs more than 2000 bucks, but I got it for a whooping 299 bucks. Crazy right? Time to head here and get your own box with some products customize to your need. Quick secret : The march box is their anniversary edition, so you get one product extra! So hoot hoot, time to shop! Follow me on insta for quick updates and happy stories ( I promise I won’t spam you! )

Till the next one,
The Crank!

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