When snacking turned healthy!

Don’t we all love to munch quick bites? Wouldn’t a weekend with the TV series/anime that you are watching be perfect with a lot of crisps and chocolates? We probably would have no clue what we are eating! 😛 As part of my ‘turn healthy’ year resolution, I have found another brand, that encourages me to have their perfect range of quick bites – for they are filled with proteins and taste incredibly good.

RiteBite Max is a brand with a range of products that give you instant proteins. If you are a work out person, this would be bliss for you. For a person like me, having this in my handbag, and munching it whenever I am hungry, especially when I can’t get food, has become a thing. Their packaging is travel friendly too.


My travel buddy!

You can find their complete list of products here. Quick review of the products that I’ve tried :

  • Honey Lemon protein bar : Doesn’t the name scream it all? What is not to like in a honey lemon combination? I love the way the ingredients were blended and it tasted like heaven.
  • Workout bar : Filled with nuts, proteins, fibre and chocolate, this is my partner during travel.
  • Sugarless Choco Lite : I was really skeptical about trying this, but turns out, the dark cocoa in this kept me hooked.
  • Choco Fudge : Need I say more? The best of all the flavors they have! 😀
  • Merry Berry Nutrition Bar : With the goodness of berries, this one is a low fat bar, which is again at a travel friendly packaging.

Which flavor do you choose?!

  • Spanish Tomato Snack : Tangy in taste , this one is non fried and non bakes (hot air puffed), yet tastes as good as any tomato flavored crisps. And it is filled with proteins. Win-win is it?

My favorite quick bite.

  • Cheese and Jalapeno Snack : Well, I was not too fond of this flavor, as somehow I felt it too cheesy. But if you are cheese lover, then this one is for you.

Snack time.

Overall, it is a brand worth trying, especially if you are calorie conscious, as this would reduce the fat content in your favorite snack and turn it all protein. Or if you are a vegan like me, then you could just use up some extra proteins! 😛

Till the next one
~The Crank ^_^


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