Continuing the Natural Way!

Hey peeps,

Taking the decision of pampering your skin with organic and natural stuff, requires passion, commitment and determination to not turn back into those tempting products that give you results overnight. Natural products take their time in giving results, but once they do, you know that your skin is breathing better and is shining inside out. In the journey of finding good natural products, I have come across a lot of brands – one of which is Fuschia by Vkare. They make GMP certified Natural handmade skincare products which are SLS, phthalate, paraben free and Cruelty free. What more do you need from natural products? 🙂

I have tried and tested three of their products over a few months and here is my honest review about them :
Their packaging looks lovely, and I can’t help posting a picture of their packaging.


  1. Green tea face and body scrub : At the very outset, it smells heavenly! It is a very mild everyday scrub, which is very gentle on the skin. If you expect a rough scrub to exfoliate like once a week, then this is not your pick. Since it is mild (and smells too good to not use often), I include it in my CTM routine.

    Le scrub! 🙂


    It’s texture – reflects the green tea ingredient!

  2. Aloe-orange Gel : I’ve always awed at the different ways you can use the Aloe gel. I have an Aloe vera plant back at home, which I really miss right now, since I’m in a different city. This Aloe gel came really handy now. It is very light, and blends with the skin easily (like a serum) and does not make the skin oily. I use it as a night gel, and then apply a moisturizer on it to lock the gel into the face for a longer time.

    The gel packaging..



    The texture of the gel 🙂

  3. Soaps : These tiny soaps are a travel friendly option for any person, and come in different colors. My nephew stole one from me looking at how cute it was, and my sister keeps telling me that he loves his bath now a days! 😀

They have a lot more amazing products in store, some of which I would love to try in the coming days! You guys should take a look at their products in their home page and then decide the best ones for you! Do comment on what you feel about them.

Till the next post
The Crank! 😀

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