Aroma Essentials

So in my previous post, I had mentioned about starting a journey through chemical-free skin products, of which the first I tried was the brand called Aroma Essentials. The owner Madhurima, from Banglore was extremely sweet in sending products that suited my skin type. I’ve tried four of their products for a few weeks now, and the following is my honest review about them.

Before the individual review, one amazing thing about their products, as the name suggests, is their fragrance, which is also natural. All their products claim to be completely natural. They also prepare their products in small batches, since they do not add chemical preservatives.

  1. Tomato Face wash: It had a thick consistency and was very mild and gentle on the skin. For those who prefer a face wash that would lather, this wont be your favorite. I used it twice a day as a mild cleanser. (Personal rating : 4/5).
  2. Strawberry scrub : I could die for the smell of this one. It is basically for oily skin and has a gel-like consistency. It can be used once or twice a week. My skin felt very soft and supple after the usage, and it seemed to ease a few blackheads. I loved it! (Personal rating : 4.5/5)
  3. Orange crush mask : I used this for my face once a week, and washed it after 20 minutes. Since, these are natural, I didn’t find a remarkable change after a single use, but I can assure you that with time, it does good to your skin. This mask was not for me. (Personal rating : 3/5)
  4. Papaya handmade soap : I usually use shower gels, and this was a new try. I loved the fragrance and well, maybe I’m moving from shower gels, to these, for good. (Personal rating : 4/5)

Overall, my skin could breathe naturally for these three weeks and I am definitely not going back to the chemical junk.

Check out their products here, if you are a natural-beauty person like me.

Let me know if you have your favourite organic brands.

Happy Bloggin!

Till then,
The Crank.

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