Crank’s First award ^_^

Wow 🙂 New year brought better merry this year, for I was honored with two awards !

First :

Thanx to Dolly 🙂

And the next :

Thanx to Estelle 🙂

And I luv both ur blogs ^_^

Now for the little rules accepting this award ..

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Nominate and inform 15 fellow bloggers.

3. Share 7 random things about yourself.

4. Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post.

Gues I’ve done the first , so on to the next 🙂

The blogs which I really enjoyy reading are the follows :

I enjoyy reading each one of them 😉

Next for something ’bout myself :

  1. I’m very emotional , but I don’t show it.. I am easily hurt and I get happy within seconds ! (Small things matter more)
  2. I am very cranky , and I’v written almost 150 poems, which very few of my friends have read 🙂 (I’m glad they are all still alive after reading those 😛  xD)
  3. I’v been dreaming ’bout publishing my first book .. The title is ready ” Euphoric Days” And most of the story is done , but let’s see when the right time is 🙂
  4. I really adore my sis a lot ! (Shreya)
  5. I’v not told many people that I luv them .. Includes my parents , sister, many friends and a few of my “Brothers” 🙂 *Hugs to all*
  6. I’m a crazzzy crazzzy fan of music ! 🙂
  7. I’m a student of grade 12 ! 😉

A BIG hug to all those who’ve read my blog and made me smile 😀

Signing off for now !

Te amo 🙂

Cranky me ^_^


  1. Thank-you soooo much!! That is really sweet of you. And congrats on your awards. I love music too. All different kinds. And I hope you get your book done. It sounds intriguing. That is a fantastic goal. Thank-you again! Have a wonderful day. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the honor of nominating/mentioning me in your acceptance blog. But, most of all CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU for your two awards! I truly enjoy reading your blog entries, and I hope you continue writing!! I’ll need to pass on the Versatile Blog, because I already have received that one, but thank you. I just don’t know what the 7×7 award is, though. Can you explain that one to me?


    • Thnx a lot 🙂 And you truly deserve it 🙂

      And for the link award:
      Part of the nomination requires to share a few things about self, seven to be exact. And the rules are to categorize your posts into
      Most Beautiful Piece:
      Most Helpful Piece:
      Most Popular Piece:
      Most Controversial Piece
      Most Surprisingly Successful Piece:
      Most Underrated Piece:
      Most Pride Worthy Piece:

      Cranky me ^_^


  3. PS ~ I’ve nominated people who’ve declined because they’ve already received that award, and what I’ve told them, well consider yourself nominated and awarded again in your heart, hug it, love it, and bask in it, because no one can be acknowledge too many times! So thanks again!!! 🙂


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