Anan pens down ;)

So with lots of excitement , Anan left to the place where the program was scheduled … Ofcourse , she had nothing great to do there ! She was a passive recipient and moreover was not very interested in what was going on … For she had better things to do 😉

So ya , she opened her bag and opened a book carefully .. And then , took out something like a treasure from it , as if the wind mustn’t blow it away 😛

For it was her sweets childhood pic ! 🙂 Wah ! How cuttttttteee …. Godly !

Sitting in there , thinking to herself , in complete ecstasy and excitement she penned down this ..

The childhood pic of you , sweets ,

is the reason my heart beats,

Each time my lips chant just your name,

though my senses know its pretty lame …


Your eyes keep me captured,

Into a world enraptured,

unknown is the fact if ur a boon or bane,

for after knowing u, Iv become insane ! 😉


You were always …

“Duuuuudeeee” Goes my sister’s voice , I wnt the computer now ! 😛

One sec, pls Il just complete this na .. 😕

No ways , later later …


Te amo ppl 🙂

Cranky me ^_^