Things I hate :-x

Got this thought suddenly ,opened my dashboard , and tadaaaaaa! Here I’m to pen down oops , sorry to type a few things that get on my nerve !
  • People ditching me ! Be it the smallest thing, just tell me the truth and get over , why lie and then ditch me pathetically ? Get a life people 😕

  • People “acting” sweet to me … Be yourself , that’s more realistic and fun ! I can discover the real “U” and that’e the essence of friendship , right? So why act ? 
But when two of my friends , whom I really like , changed a few of their lifestyles for me, it felt like heaven ! Even I changed some of my habits for a friend … 🙂 
  • My closest buddies asking me “Could u help me” .. Duh , chuck the formalities 😦 After all what are friends for? So next time it should be ” Hey, I want u to do this” 🙂

  • Not getting replies for texts on time .. Grrr , It’s soo sooo irritating .. 

  • to reply for a text message with a “K” (for okay) and “S” (for yes) .. It may seem silly , but if U’v been chatting for long and with a close friend and suddenly get this as a reply , it’s like , “Wait, till I get u in my hands , Im gonna kill ya ” .. 😉 

  • People sitting next to me and signaling someone something which I shouldn’t know .. Like , If you want to tell someone a secret, tell me on my face or politely that I should move and then tell the person what ever crap ..  Don’t keep me next to you and then do it .. One punch on ur face 😛 

  • Hitting me on my head , wait I hate that to the core and the reason : Unknown .. :-/ Really frustrating ..

  • Forcing me to eat stuff’s I hate , special mention to “Radish” 😦 Ewwwwwww… 
Will put on more when I remember them .. As of now , this much .. What do u guys hate the most ??  Do comment 😀
Te amo 🙂
Cranky me ^_^

Small things matter big ^.^

Small things don’t remain trivial always! Atleast , for a cranky person like me these matter more than any other treasure ! 😉 Like for an example : Last week , my friend told me that she loved hugging me and that each time she spoke to me of lunacy , she loved it 😛 Wah ! “Temme ’bout it” ! That made my day !

I love these small small flattering as much as I love books , as much as I love sarcasm , and Antony , and Einstein , etc etc ! (If ur wondering ’bout my luv story with Mark antony , and the rest chk out this , )

So getting back , I do love all this ! Unless It gets to the extreme , like my bro (He’s my classmate , but we feel more like bro , sis ) once told me I look cute 😛 While I look like a damsel ! But yeah ,I was soo soo high though I knew it was lie !  We both do keep giving each other small reasons for getting a curve on our lips ! JOY is eternal ! 😀

So keep giving the joy to ones you luv ! Wait , make sure the lie isn’t as big as the one I had mentioned , make it a lil , just a lil realistic ! And keep being HIGH and CRAZZZZZYY !

Life’s just one , just once ! So make the best of it ! 🙂

Te amo 🙂

Cranky me ^_^

Ode to a frend :-)

ode to a friend 😀

chats until late in d night
without evn knowing if  it was right
tho crazy it was ur voice i yearned for
n ur msg i alwayz looked for
whenever i was “in deep water”
in drms wid u i would loiter
i would stand in d worlds longest queue
jus for d pleasure of being wid u.. 😉
within a short period u had made history
i couldn understand how i got trapped in d mystery
i didn kno if u and me had a curse
but i was with u , for better or for worse
i figured out by and by
that widout u i would die
yeah ! i would stand in d worlds longest queue
jus for d pleasure of being wid u.. 😉
i had understood that u had striked my heart
with a magical n powerful arrow of a dart
today taking a trip down the memory lane
while leaning about a window pane
i realised u wer as sweet as a sugarcane
in my life, u wer a boon , not a bane
hmmm ! i would stand in d worlds longest queue
jus for d pleasure of being wid u.. 🙂
u cannot frm my heart melt away
as in t u r a never ending bay
i pray god that forever we remain close
n our relationship never comes to a close
u wer d guiding factor n my success road
dear , for u this is an ode
friend , i would stand in d worlds longest queue
just for d pleasure of being with u.. 🙂

ps : dedicated to some crazzy dumbos and idiot fools 😉 🙂 😉 😛


Te amo 🙂

Cranky me ^_^

Forever dawn <3

Gawd ! Reading Breaking dawn , I was totally out of my minds for like 2 days ! And the film , whoa ! Came with a bigger thump ! 😉

Ofcourse , it didn’t focus many of the nuances of the book , yet kuddos to the cast and crew for the fantastic work ! 🙂

The wedding scene was like Wow , for I saw it like 10 times ! Bella’s wedding outfit was totally gorgeous and for once she looked stunning 🙂

Not to forget , the dashing looks of Lautner … 😀  And the transition of Edward from a guy to a “family” man was phenomenal (notice that well in the shirts he wears , expressions , etc etc) ..

One of thing that made me crazzzzy was the choice of names by Meyer for Bella’s child ! Eja was Wow 😉 And reneesme  is “beautiful” ! 🙂

And Rose for once was portrayed well 😛 Alice was cute in her usual ways !








Adieu 😉

Te amo 🙂

Cranky me ^_^


My childhood friends :)

🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 😉 😉 😛 😛 😛 😀 😀 😀 😕 😕 😕

♥ ♥ ♥ i luv yu…♥ yu luv me.. ♥ v are a happy family… wid a gr8 big hug n a kiss from me to yu… won yu say yu luv me tooo…!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


Barney ! 🙂 🙂 

Winnie 🙂 🙂 

I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words Bother me.

Just because an animal is large, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want kindness; however big Tigger seems to be, remember that he wants as much kindness as Roo.


Mickey 🙂 🙂 

Its the mickey mouse , Club house !

Come inside its fun inside 😉

Too much more to write ’bout ! 😛

To be continued 😀

Te amo 🙂

Cranky me ^_^