Chat from 3 to 430 (Mrng)

My first attempt ! 😉
3:09 AM
Anand: hi
Anan: Dawg !
3:10 AM
AN: sollu dog
Anan : me got up @ 230 😦
AN: for wat ?
  for learning sanskrit ?
Anan: english
3:11 AM
AN: thu
Anan: nay , chatting widd u !
 An: aiiyo so sweet
3:12 AM
Anan: alarm vechu ezhunden .. lol … ! (Got up with an alarm)
 AN: really
 Anan: then wot ?
3:13 AM
Anan: chk ur mail ..
 AN: yup ll do it
3:15 AM awesome di
 Anan: enna ?
 AN: photos
 Anan: 🙂 🙂 I luk cute na ?! 😛
3:16 AM
AN: don blush
 Anan: ha ha
3:19 AM
idiot , busy ?
3:21 AM
AN: no no tell me
  no di gonna wait for two days
3:22 AM
3:23 AM
AN : sry .. slept on the chair
3:26 AM
3:28 AM
Anan: ur a pucca ……..
5 minutes
3:34 AM
Anan: 😦
3:38 AM

6 minutes
3:44 AM
Anan: ///////////////////
3:45 AM
Anan: opjjyvhnsaoplkjuytrmngvb

19 minutes
4:04 AM me: .

11 minutes
4:15 AM Anan: hmmmmmmmmmmmm
4:20 AM ……?
4:23 AM fine … c u
  tc … bye
 AN: hey sorry
  got a sudden work
4:24 AM
AN: scold me how much ever u want
  i am worth scolding
  sorry sorrysorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
 Anan: 😦
  no probs
 AN: 😦
4:25 AM
 hey sorry di
  am so irritating
  i no
 Anan: im d one sisturbng u wen u in office … i have to be sry
 AN: hey really sorry
  i should have atleast told u
  there was a late trade di
4:26 AM
 Anan: np np
  i knew ud gt a work oly ..
 AN: manichukkonga pls (Means please forgive)
 Anan: actually i shdn b distrbng u wen u in ofc
4:27 AM
anywayz tc 🙂
 AN: hey sorry
 Anan: Oh c’mon
4:28 AM
AN: i felt so bad ……….basically i put myself in ur position
 Anan: ha ha .. chill
  u oly did ur duty – naan dhan romba vela vetti illama irukken
4:29 AM 😉
  😛 anyways tc , byeeeeeee 😕
4:37 AM
AN: byeeeeeeee 🙂
Allz well that ends well !
-Cranky me ^_^

Fiction … ;)

Spinning yards is definitely one thing that i love for many reasons :-

1. You can write whatever you want ..

2. You decide the story theme and contents ..

3. Make it all emotional at times …

4. Make ur mind roam about all sides to get a good finishing ..

5. Have fun all thru ^_^

So my fiction is about 2 awesome friends named Anand and Ananya ( I luv those two names and they have alliteration in them too 😛 ) who were best buddies all through .. 🙂 Some incidents that happened with each other in small posts and the happiness they shared being each other’s darling friend 🙂

I’d also luv to say to the India’nish society that people can remain friends till death , even be it a girl and a guy !

So kuddos !




Cranky me ^_^